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  1. BananaGirl

    Group Picture

    oh yes, I definitely did and they are all wonderful XD
  2. BananaGirl

    Group Picture

    Lol that turned out great XD
  3. BananaGirl

    Checking out the Interest in...

    This sounds kinda fun. I'd love to see it happen!
  4. BananaGirl

    Happy Mother's Day...

    And here's wishing you a happy Mother's Day too!
  5. BananaGirl


    I've been playing it on the PC. So far I think it's fun. A lot of that characters feel very similar in how they play, so not as much variation I think as is in smash and you do have to deal with limited character pool until you either pay money of level up I think. But the mechanics over all...
  6. BananaGirl

    [Weekly - F/Sa] Week In Review

    It's been a bit of a long week here. So on Monday of last week my car (after acting funny all week) broke at 6 am on the on ramp to the highway so my mom had to come and pick me up and I borrowed my parents car to get to work. After getting it towed home, then to a shop, found out a few days...
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    Overwatch Players List

    Well it's not super old quite yet ;) I'll friend you :)
  8. BananaGirl

    Merry Christmas!

  9. BananaGirl

    Motion Graphics Final

    That was really good Noodles, and i'm not just saying that. it was really fun to watch :) Great job there (plus it helps that I like the music) I like the different looks each part of the song had and your timing was great, which is super important in any music video. I like it....another! ;)
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    Overwatch Players List

    Well hello there, and welcome to the thread that you all knew was coming someday. The dreaded Overwatch post. So for those of you who might not know me, I'm BananaGirl, a random weirdo who's been playing On ToJ's TF2 server few a a few years now, and I also play Overwatch (thus the post) My...