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    Switch Friend Codes

    SW-1496-9921-8011 Steam: []Eltolad
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    Overwatch Players List

    I've just purchased it as well. Let's do this! EDIT: Friend requests sent! Eltolad#1793
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    Sweet. I went ahead with the digital copy. Faster/easier to get it "shipped" here. I recently...

    Sweet. I went ahead with the digital copy. Faster/easier to get it "shipped" here. I recently started getting back into Hearthstone and I'm looking at HotS as well. On a positive note, I've got some holidays coming up from work, and I hope I can join TF2 Tuesday (Wednesday morning for me)!
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    I just bought this. What's your tag?

    I just bought this. What's your tag?
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    A Family that Mines Together... um... does fine together?

    If I recall, playing in offline mode and using the new-ish "Open to LAN" feature will allow up to 2 people to play together. Kind of clunky, though, and possible that it might be patched in a future update.
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    I'm in as well. Add me: Eltolad#1793
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    Trying to find a good church in Tulsa!

    Hello Pierced!  I'm Gabriel, aka Eltolad/Cujo7.  There's so many choices of churches in Tulsa, it can seem kinda overwhelming.  There are a few questions I would have to ask you - one of the biggest being "how old are you?"  There's a lot of churches that aim their ministry at different ages...
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    Plan B

    Indeed- a BIG screen projection television will be made available to all CGA members!  I will be hooking up my Dreamcast (the best system ever, to date -IMHO) so we can get some 4-player action going!  Between Tek and I, we have an extensive collection, but if you have any Dreamcast games, or...
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    clean rpg style games?

    As kid-oriented as it might seem, Kingdom Hearts for the PS2 is supposed to be a great game. I've read numerous reviews - and most all reviewers who actually played the game, actually liked it. I have not had a chance to play it myself, but I believe it doesn't have any more magic than what you...
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    True, they have been around, but unfortunately, they kept releasing uninspired games. In todays market, "Army Men IX - Polymer Apocalypse" just doesn't cut it. True, they had some good games years ago, but they failed to grow into the new high end systems.
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    Anybody play indiana jones and internal machine?

    So, are we supposed to walk arround saying: "I HATE SNAKES!!!!" hehe - No seriously - I got this game about a year ago, but haven't played it yet. If enough of you guys tell me it's worth it, I might dig it up and play it. ^_^ Have a great day guys.
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    All services hosted by Tek down...

    ^_^ Glad I could help. I just wanted to try out my new avatar. You like it!?! I know I do. "Use the force, Neo!"