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    by that he means his own demos =P
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    When ToJ got the new server (awhile ago) me, poison and a few others requested the interp unlock (since it was locked at that time too) and I think Plankeye might know (if he's still around). It was the same issue on HLguard so i think he commented it out of the line, since the interp wasn't...
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    u need to keep up w/ the news, exploit problem was in 1.5, where when interp was set at a very low range, it could be used as multiple exploits (i think it was seeing through walls etc, but not too familiar with). 1.6 via steam fixed it pretty promptly w/ the netcode re-arrangement. gotfrag was...
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    try it, go to a server where interp is not locked, whether setting it at 0.01 or 0, it'll set it to 1/updaterate. same effect. Also the point was not to say whether its 0.01 or 0, the article was posted so locking it at 0.1 is a bad idea.
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    i got bored so decided to pub, and i remember hearing the server reopened recently, so decided to hop a visit. seems like my explanation with the interp didn't go through well. well aside from a little instable ping issue it seemed fairly fine, besides interp being locked at 0.1 to...
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    Suggestions for Map Cycle Configuration :>
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    Best CS 1.6 server mods?

    I do disagree, and so does gotfrag further explanation
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    Suggestions for Map Cycle Configuration

    chateau was the pug-killer map of the old, so was prodigy, i'd remove it. aztec's also not so popular anymore. assault and italy become heavily t-sided, just be aware. militia.... not sure if people still play this map. I'd add de_cpl_mill/fire/strike to the maplist, just not on the rotation...
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    Best CS 1.6 server mods?

    steambans is good, hlguard, i suppose as long as you don't lock interp.
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    Admin Mod v. AMX v. AmxModX

    they both have similar and different aspects. i think amx does provide more further modification, but for simple admining purposes admin mod's fine
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    Happy Birthday HCS

    happy belated birthday!
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    Bleach and Naruto fillers

    Bleach7 rumors say that around episode 102-105 or so the filler should end. Not sure though, if the current plot's going as slow as it is, it might exceed 110, but aparently the OP and ED is changing according to Bleach7, so that might be a sign that the filler is ending, or on the worst...
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    Suggestions of a Custom computer specs.

    AMD 64 3200 or 3500 venice core, or 3700, 4000 san diego core. If you have extra cash you could also look at the X2's and the FX series too. As for heatsink, any decent product from thermaltake gets the job done. If you have the space you could go for Zalman, but they're pretty bulky.
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    Happy Birthday, Plankeye!

    happy birthday (when you show up, long time no see!)
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    New goose62 movie

    Nice movie, but one thing when u create movies in vegas put the pixel aspect to 1.0 instead of 0.9, that'll cure the squished up effect (top and bottom). I love the psn pay bax at the end :D (stop teamnading pois!)
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    us koreans are CRAZY!
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    gl hf it's just preseason so no stress :>
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    New goose62 movie

    yeh good times :P can anyone else access filefront? it still won't let me dl anything.
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    New goose62 movie im still here :P just not pubbing any more :/ besides CS i still put in some SC if im not out or video editing
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    New goose62 movie

    it says invalid key or missing file in file front.. i'll try it again some other time. edit: nvm the entire filefront's messed. I'll check it out later and see if goose's editing skill got a bit better :P another thing, goose is aparently stuck in mystical magical world of narnia where he...