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    FF XIV: A Realm Reborn

    Anyone besides me definitely playing on release? Should we talk about a server?
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    FF XIV: A Realm Reborn

    I have an extra NA beta key if anyone is interested in giving this a try. I'd prefer giving it to someone who might genuinely be interested in playing on release.
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    FF XIV: A Realm Reborn

    I think there might be enough interest for a linkshell for now, probably not enough for a full on free company. I enjoyed the beta so far and preordered the game from greenman with their 25% discount.
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    FF XIV: A Realm Reborn

    I'm in the beta this weekend. It's very impressive considering the disaster that 1.0 was. I've been keeping tabs on it for a while now and the direction seems good. It isn't really groundbreaking though - it's pretty standard fair as far as MMOs go albeit with a very nice coat of paint on...
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    RIFT goes free to play on June 12th

    What server are you guys on?
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    Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    Anyone playing this? Or know anyone playing it? I'm looking for some friendly neighbors that are trustworthy. :-D My friend code is in my Sig.
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    Cube World

    I've been keeping an eye on this - it looks cool. I also went in on the kickstarter for Stonehearth which looks like it has a similar feel with more emphasis on town building.
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    Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    Anyone going to be playing this? It's coming out tomorrow (June 9th). If so, let's be neighbors :-D FC: 3411-0958-5141
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    Anyone looking to sell a smartphone?

    I've had an HTC 8X since late November that I've really enjoyed using. It isn't a perfect phone by any means (non expandable memory, some quirks with the WP8 interface, smaller app ecosystem) but I really like the UI design language and for me personally it has plenty of apps that I needed. I...
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    Game sales

    With code: GFDMAY20 it's actually just $16 for both games. I'm interested in XCOM - but I already have Civ 5, is there anyone that would be interested in splitting it? With purchase it gives two separate Steam activation codes.
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    Age of Wushu

    I really wanted to try this... I downloaded it and everything. But seriously... what modern game like this doesn't have an option to invert the mouse/camera. It's unplayable for me. I can't stop looking at the ground or the sky. It's not even in the works as far as I can tell from responses...
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    Need a new gaming rig $1000 budget. Critique my build.

    Is that Sapphire 7870 the new Tahiti core? This Powercolor one that's back in stock at Newegg is very well reviewed since it's the newest Tahiti core that's powering it...
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    Need a new gaming rig $1000 budget. Critique my build.

    I just put this together a couple weeks ago, my first desktop build in almost 9 years :-D. PCPartPicker part list: Price breakdown by merchant: Benchmarks: CPU: Intel...
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    From what I've read for Cities XL - you can make really nice looking cities, but the simulation is pretty weak. There isn't as much of a game there. It has its flaws, and it takes a bit of work downloading mods, but Sim City 4 is really an incredibly robust engine to create some amazing...
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    "You have extra copies of Dota 2 to give away!"

    Tek, can I get one please? I'm curious to take a look.
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    Tek daydreams about building a new PC (again)

    Also for whatever else it's worth, if you like reading, these are my sources, including their respective forums: Arstechnica...
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    Tek daydreams about building a new PC (again)

    I didn't read through everything else in the thread so I don't know if anyone mentioned some of this stuff. I'm also looking to build a new desktop (first one in 8 or 9 years now) so I've been doing a lot of research as well. What's I've found is when you're trying to pinch pennies, you have...
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    Torchlight 2 4-Pack

    I think I'm interested as well :-D
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    Anime fan presence in ToJ?

    Kenshin is solid. When I first started watching anime it was one of my favorites. A classic shounen series. They're making a live action (movie I think) of it hat actually looks promising from the trailer so far.
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    Anime fan presence in ToJ?

    For whatever it's worth I think I recommended Dennou Coil to Tek :-D My top 5 are: Dennou Coil (kids/sci-fi realism/drama) Aria (3 series) (slice of life) Scrapped Princess (drama/adventure) Honey & Clover (romcom/slice of life) Haibane Renmei (drama) Rounding out the top 10 or so...