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    Overwatch Players List

    My Battletag is Memset#1522
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    Heroes of the Storm

    Wow, I am actually really surprised. I have seen that in all other MOBAs all the time, and I agree it takes all the fun out of it; however, I have played quite a bit lately and I have not had even one game like that.
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    Heroes of the Storm

    I didn't like the most current addition of relics, as it requires a certain amount of playing in order to be on even ground with someone who plays a lot. I would like them to remove it, or change it to not need to play so much in order to effectively play more than one role. I personally think...
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    Heroes of the Storm

    Bowser/Eskunu and I have played together in Heroes of the Storm a few times now, and I am really enjoying it. So far, I enjoy it much more than other MOBA type games. It is only in Alpha, so I know there will not be many, but I was wondering who, if any, have access.
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    Steam Sales

    The Walking Dead $6 XCOM Enemy Unknown $10 Skyrim $7.50 Left 4 Dead 2 $5 All good games especially at those prices.
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    Best StarCraft II customs?

    If you were playing on your own, then I can understand your problem with the L2D. It was meant to be played with 2 people, and you are severely handicapped if you are on your own. The main reason for this is you are limited to 200 rather than 400 supply, and you are using the same number of...
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    question re: WoW

    I noticed Wymrest Accord is a RP server. Is SOLA generally big on the roleplaying? I have been thinking of coming back and playing a bit, but I have never really been big on RP.
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    Fall Back

    I use my phone as well, but I would say the downside is forgetting about it is spring and suddenly feel really tired in the morning without knowing why.
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    The first thing I would say is pray. Is it you wanting to go in that direction or is it God leading you there? As to being a Christian in an unfriendly environment for them, you do not need to go around telling everyone that you are a Christian, living your life according to God's word will be...
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    What mobile games are you playing?

    Plague Inc. and XCOM: Enemy Unknown are the two I normally play.
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    StarCraft II 50% off for back to school month

    Yes, great game, even if you do not want to play ladder there is plenty of other things.
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    Dell Customer Service... PayPal too...

    The VA is by far the worst I have had to deal with. Unlike other customer service, in general the people I got on the phone were really nice and try to be helpful. Unfortunately they do not make the decisions, they just enter the requests and you find up to a year later(some people have waited...
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    Looking at a possible new Job

    I like the job I currently have, but recently I saw a posting for a new job at a Christian organization as a web developer. I am a Software Engineer, but I would be able to do the job. I have sent in a letter of interest, that they ask for so they can send me information on where to send my...
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    Best iOS games?

    My favorite iOS game currently is XCOM: Enemy Unknown. I doubt it would work on a phone though, and I have heard people have had issues with the size. I like the turn based strategy for my ipad, since it is easy to pick up and drop anytime I want.
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    ESO - Elder Scrolls Online

    Many people forget this, but WoW started off just as bad as most MMOs since. Like you said though, players were more forgiving back then, probably because they didn't know what a good MMO looked like. They also did not have the last MMO they were playing to go back to that had all there friends...
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    River City Ransom: Underground

    I think that is due to at that time people cared more about the language, but now the general population seems to like all the cussing. It would be fun to play again.
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    ToJ Fitness Group

    I have been doing Martial Arts as well: Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, and judo. I usually go Mon-Thurs and have a group of people that usually spar on Sat.
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    I didn't see in the article what specifically the rewards were for arena. It seems you get cards, but do you get gold back based on how many wins as well, or just cards?
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    How should we deal with jehovah's witnesses?

    It actually is referring to false teachers of Christ, so it does apply, but you need to look closely at it. It is saying do not help false teachers by bringing them into your home or wishing them God speed. Not receiving them into your home is referring to not giving them shelter and helping...
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    I haven't played much recently, and in general I prefer a ladder game rather than the arcades; however, one of the ones I did enjoy was a tower defense game. It was a 4v4 game that had an economy as well. Sadly I do not remember the name, but it used to be pretty popular.