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  1. URACorpse

    Why all the MMO hate around here?

    I got to step in on this one. :) It seems the older I get the more time I invest into gaming. I've been playing WoW a lot lately along with CSS and that's just when I get home. At work I'm responsible for VBS2 on Ft. Stewart which is a First Person Shooter built around the Arma engine. So at 50...
  2. URACorpse

    Frozen solid

    I'm still around to. Been busy working on my degree, taking precal (my first math course in 3.... uh a long time). I also changed positions at work and have to be certified for each system I instruct. Got my first certification last week :) What is cool is that I instruct soldiers how to use...
  3. URACorpse

    Server Address

  4. URACorpse

    Server Address

    Is the server address still ""? My old brain can't remember for sure. :0
  5. URACorpse


    I'm still here. Playing CSS and taking courses online. Trying to slug my way through prcalculus, haven't done math in 30 years. lol
  6. URACorpse

    A new GFC member is on the way

  7. URACorpse

    name for new gfc member

    Mmmmm..... Bomblet Firefly Flea Friendly Fry Well so much for my brainstorming :)
  8. URACorpse

    Anyone been playing GW lately?

    Red and I played a bit a few nights ago then again last night. We tend to go through phases with GW where we play for awhile then we let it set for awhile.
  9. URACorpse

    I've turned to the dark side..well kinda..<G>

    I understand, I too dabbled in the world of Linux at home with a server running sendmail and an FTP server. But the light of Windows guided me back to the power and ease of use that Windows provides. Now I'm running a DC / exchange server and a web server at home. I thought of running Linux on...
  10. URACorpse

    I've turned to the dark side..well kinda..<G>

    LOL... Before I went to the link I thought, "Halleluiah, He's seen the light and has a Windows box!" :D
  11. URACorpse


    I'm playing it sporadically with my wife a few evenings a week.
  12. URACorpse


    Congrats bro, time sure does fly when you are having fun. :)
  13. URACorpse

    Our first snow of 2007

    Wow!!! Snow,,,, and hills!!!! I almost forgot what either looked like! :)
  14. URACorpse

    Getting my shopping list ready

    I'd say get the first one.
  15. URACorpse

    hear ye hear ye

    Saw you in there yesterday failedshot but you were gone by the time I got in. :( If I'm on later and see you in there I'll jump in. :)
  16. URACorpse

    Just a question....

    Actually we use Linux (RHEL ES) for some military simulations including JCATS, CBS, SIMPLE, ETSIU, and JDLM to name just a few. JCATS uses RHEL WS for it's clients but CBS uses Windows for it's clients. We also us Windows2003 to run our domain servers and DOD security software which I admin. Red...
  17. URACorpse

    Just a question....

    linux,,,,,after working with it a great deal at work I got to say I still like Windows :) Anyways, I have a source server I'm playing with at home. Don't know how good it will be, but it's at if anyone wants to drop in.
  18. URACorpse

    Just a question....

    Yep, I meant the 1.6 server. I know what you mean Hes about CC but atleast it's a place to play source without having to put up with a lot of cussing. Anyhow, to rephrase a bit; When are any of us usually on the 1.6 server? I want to try to make a point to atleast drop in if anyone is on.
  19. URACorpse

    Just a question....

    When does everyone play and where now? When I get on to play (usually in the evenings) I'll check the GFC server and if anyone is on I will come in. Otherwise I'll generally go to either the big or dm CC source server.
  20. URACorpse

    a baby ....