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    Chose Mysidia - Grin something as my starting city
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    FFXIV Open Beta Aug 31st...

    For those who hate the updater.... It uses torrents, so: - Run the updater at least once so it grabs z torrents - Look in C:\Users\xxx\Documents\My Games\FINAL FANTASY XIV Beta Version\downloads\ffxiv-beta - Import the torrents in */metadata to uTorrent (or program of choice) - Set download...
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    anyone actively playing Global Agenda?
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    Anime on Crunchyroll

    The movie, pocketful of rainbows (?), is much easier to sit through then 50+ episodes. I never could finish the series either, zZz.
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    Spring 2010 anime

    It is new IP, that was originally destined for anime rather then manga. The writer is also working actively with the production team and they are doing a superb job. There is a documentary floating around somewhere about the backstory and some of the goals they were aiming for. The musical...
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    Spring 2010 anime

    Angel Beats is good, however it is marked as a tragedy during the 2nd half of the series.
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    Global Agenda: Free Trial

    There is no first person option. 3rd Person gives you a wider range of vision and more info about the status of your character. Imagine trying to figure out if your hanging on a crate, having a protection buff, seeing if someone decloaks and starts whacking your back up, etc. The character...
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    An adjustment in priorities

    Unfortunately you often times need to get past the first few pages in a book to see if it is good (unfortunately this isn't always the case). Multiplayer, IMO, is the crux and bane of gaming. On one hand it is fun to play with your friends against the scrubs, yet the competitive aspects of it...
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    AMD/ATI overclocking tools?

    AMD overdrive will display the temps of the CPU and GPU. Its voltage monitoring doesn't work for me and I have never used it except as a monitor. By definition I don't trust software overclocks of the CPU as it is meh. For the GPU the catalyst control panel will handle it for you. For the...
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    State to Raise Tuition Costs by 77%

    Some would argue that the lowered tuition costs lowered the "value" of having a diploma. In effect it turned in a paper with little bargaining power because of the overabundance of college grads w/o jobs.
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    Well, if you don't want a pregnancy... Context, giving life to discussions.
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    RTS Nights -- Interested?

    The online servers are shut down IIRC. You could probably still connect via lan though.
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    State to Raise Tuition Costs by 77%

    Fire the rapidly bloating administrative positions and actually keep the teachers (that you know provide the revenue?). Top heavy bloat is what is ruining universities.
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    Christian Video Gaming -- the muse thread.

    According to gamespot that would mean he wasn't bribed enough.
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    So... Spawn Camping

    In TF2 some of the points are so close to the spawn it almost becomes a necessity, sadly. TF2 has dozens of mechanics that have only gotten worst through revisions (Force of Nature anyone?). Playing a game where you die to a single click (sniper/stickies) and have to wait up to a minute to...
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    This may make me shell out $50 for...

    The conquest side of things is pure awesomeness. We just helped secure our third base in citadel, and have gained enough territory to where we can pump out equipment left and right. Nothing satisfies you like a nice day of clearing house, then beating a team with nothing but low level robos...
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    Recent unlicensed anime

    Also check out funimation. They are posting a lot of their stuff via streaming flash, and a lot of it is just subbed.
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    any Levelless AND/OR classless mmos?

    I fail to see how paying $15 and getting one skill out of it is "being rewarded". Add that and the pitiful PvE grinding, horrible race imbalances that never were fixed when I played (and probably still aren't), and that excel has more exciting gameplay offerings.