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  1. TheJfreak

    The Lowdown on Jtown

    Thanks bro i had like 2 or 3 others on my awesome desktop but they never got themselves on to the laptop thanks again.
  2. TheJfreak

    The Lowdown on Jtown

    haha i miss ut its really annoying because my mom kinda threw away like bunch of cases so bunch of games dont have cd keys by the way does anybody knw of a good program to rid your comp of adware because this comp has a bunch of it on it
  3. TheJfreak

    The Lowdown on Jtown

    Hey yall i havnt like posted here in forver mostly my fault also it doesn't help I now live in Mongolia where the only toilet my house has is an outhouse. The only internet i have is dial up. I am going to a dorm with more dial up in august. My elite desktop with all my sweet games is across...
  4. TheJfreak

    Awesome PvP night yall

    Man we were rocking it tonight we learned a whole lot saw a lot of different builds and created some of our own... We got better by the round and we won a match!!! Tonight was awesome yalll see ya next week... Remember get those mesmers.... ;)
  5. TheJfreak

    You would think with 100 members...

    Hey ill be there tonight usually having the time so late is really hard on us young east coast people so 10 est is more managable then 1 est :)
  6. TheJfreak

    Everyones Favorite Story

    around the corner?
  7. TheJfreak

    PvP Friday - 18Nov05

    10pm est count me in
  8. TheJfreak

    Christian Rock Music suggestions

    Bands that I think are awesome... -Dizmas -Spoken -Sub Seven -Blindside -P.O.D -Skillet -Pax217 Some of them are harder then others but none of them are hard like underoath and such...
  9. TheJfreak

    Anyone who makes a panda cry deserves to be stoned.

    I feel like that sometimes with teachers that shouldnt be teachers...
  10. TheJfreak

    troubled knights or Party night?

    woot for compition :D
  11. TheJfreak

    War and the Christian Perspective

    Like in Ecclesiasties.. (sp) There is a time for war a time for peace.... Thats the way this world spins...
  12. TheJfreak

    So I downloaded a song off of MSN Music...

    I spent two dollars yesterday because i wanted to check out a spoken song and Blindside's Sleepwalking Man i love that song pure adrenaline
  13. TheJfreak

    need name for low-level night

    Troubled Knights of Ascalon...... because most people are still in like ascalon or kind of close and troubled could be for the people in like yaks bend and such...
  14. TheJfreak

    Stop, Drop and Roll don't work in HELL!

    It's a joke it means your going to burn up no matter what you do... jokes are jokes right?
  15. TheJfreak


    My second character Hannah The Couldron a E/n I love this Char because with a few runes I can just nuke them and never did i have respect for dead bodies more then i do now... I can heal my self with the bodies create decoys or minios as some call them (hehe) for my practice of fire or Pheonix...
  16. TheJfreak

    Where do cavemen fit in the theory of Creationism?

    See many Christians umm Disagree you could say about the "7" days were they 7 different spances of time or 7 24 hour days?..... On my belief of different nathandreal people is all i want I think.... See i believe this world revoles around survival of the fittest.... Nathandreals have big heads...
  17. TheJfreak

    Explain your username!!

    TheJfreak because well yes i know "Jesus Freak" like so many other people but also thers Jtrain which is a TobyMac song.... I put The because i think one of the first people i saw on Toj was TheElite... TheJfreak I think every now and then of a name change but so many people know me as this and...
  18. TheJfreak

    Anybody pick up Falling Up's "Dawn Escapes"?

    I bought the CD its a good cd but some of the guitar rifts are almost pulled from other bands rifts =really annoying.... but the words if you dig deep they almost all have a Christian pull to them.... their first CD was better it had different sounds. this cd has a lot of same piano beginning...
  19. TheJfreak

    Guild Wars Screenshots!

    lower levels are boring =\
  20. TheJfreak


    first video is awesome but 2nd will be even better or so my sources tell me...