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  1. Floyd The Barber

    [Weekly - W] Now Playing

    Been splitting my time between ESO and Path of Exile.
  2. Floyd The Barber

    ToJ back in Elder Scrolls Online!

    Kendrik I was close to getting it on the console but decided to go for the pc version. Rhematom, what's your name and I'll add you next time i get on. I just started so I'm only a lvl 8 right now.
  3. Floyd The Barber

    ToJ back in Elder Scrolls Online!

    Just picked this up a couple days ago. If anybody still plays let me know. Would love to team up with some folks.
  4. Floyd The Barber


    Hey guys. I was just wondering if anyone was going to pick this game up. I didn't get to play the beta but it looks like it would be fun.
  5. Floyd The Barber


    Just started playing Warframe again after about 2 years away from it. I was just wondering if you guys played at all. Would be great to have some more buddies to play with.
  6. Floyd The Barber

    [Weekly - W] Now Playing

    Been playing some MK X and Warframe.
  7. Floyd The Barber

    Star Wars: Knights of the Fallen Empire

    I might have to break this game out again.
  8. Floyd The Barber

    DON'T purchase Mortal Kombat X until you read this.

    Glad you got the game working Caleb. It was definitely alot of downloading:). If you ever want to play some matches or something just let me know.
  9. Floyd The Barber


    I have some extra Evolve alpha codes if anybody wants to try it out for the weekend. Just let me know if ya want one.
  10. Floyd The Barber

    [Request] Safe return to America on 8/11

    Good to hear you made it back safely Keero.
  11. Floyd The Barber

    Wildstar Chapter?

    I was thinking about picking this game up in the next couple of weeks. Do you guys know of any good active guilds that might be worth checking out?
  12. Floyd The Barber


    I'm probably gonna pick this up on release. Just wondering if anybody else was looking forward to it?
  13. Floyd The Barber

    So what's everyone playing these days?

    I've been playing some Mortal Kombat with Mostly_Harmless. I just recently picked up One Finger Death Punch. I got to agree with Elader, it's pretty fun.
  14. Floyd The Barber

    Mooooortal Kombaaaaaat! Ten!

    Oh yeah! Can't wait.
  15. Floyd The Barber

    Diablo III

    I still play. You can add me if ya want Floyd24#1482. :)
  16. Floyd The Barber

    Flashpoint Friday

  17. Floyd The Barber

    Wildstar Weekend

    Thanks for the heads up!
  18. Floyd The Barber

    Thief Steam Code

    I'll take the code if you still have it to give away Razzle.
  19. Floyd The Barber


    Nice website! I like it.
  20. Floyd The Barber

    Memory leak issues

    I'll be praying for you ursen.