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  1. Mostly_Harmless

    PIU 4 ITG!

    Another member suggested that I make a separate thread for this. I'd like to share my pad-pack for Stepmania that I reworked and added a ton of content to. The pack consists of music featured in Pump It Up mixes and includes doubles charts for all songs. (4 panel) In the past, I've shared...
  2. Mostly_Harmless

    [Weekly - F/Sa] Week In Review

    I just finished a project of mine that I have spent years of hard work on; I stepped 251 songs for Stepmania (Doubles mode included for each song) If anyone is interested in playing it, here's the link. (Use the most recent version of SM 5, please.) I am also working on adding more bonus packs...
  3. Mostly_Harmless

    [Weekly - W] Now Playing

    Thanks! It's very slow with progress, but getting there. Hopefully, you'll be able to play it soon. The only thing I still dislike about the game is the removal of double jump, but other than that, it plays great.
  4. Mostly_Harmless

    [Weekly - W] Now Playing

    Hey! I just noticed your post and link on Facebook to this forum. I've been playing Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends, the new Unreal Tournament, and I'm very busy creating my own content for a music game called Stepmania. I've also been trying some other games on the side like Toxikk, and...
  5. Mostly_Harmless

    Switching our server from UT3 to New UT?

    The new UT does have dedicated servers, although I'm not sure about how to go about the renting process. As sad as I would be to see our UT 3 server get shut down, I think it's time to move on and embrace this new UT that is going to be the best UT yet and may hopefully win the hearts of a...
  6. Mostly_Harmless

    Anyone Still Alive?

    It has been a while since I have seen any ToJ activity and things seem complicated now that the new UT has been gathering more players from the UT game we normally used to play, UT 3. I haven't heard anything from Danny, Captain_Tea or Tek7 in the longest time and we haven't had a meetup for UT...
  7. Mostly_Harmless

    New Unreal Tournament is Now Free!

    Make sure to add me! Same name as usual! Mostly_Harmless.
  8. Mostly_Harmless

    New Unreal Tournament is Now Free!

    Grab it and come and play with us! I'm already having great first impressions with the game. :D
  9. Mostly_Harmless

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Just wanted to wish everyone well and was wondering what games everyone is looking forward to in 2015? My list includes the remake of Unreal Tournament and Mortal Kombat X as well various arcade rhythm games. I also might get back into Star Craft 2 for the new expansion pack. What about...
  10. Mostly_Harmless

    UT 3 Videos!

    Hey, all! I haven't been posting here much and I'm sorry for that. I took a bunch of videos of me playing quite a few Duels and have been posting them on my TY channel. If you're interested, check them out. This is probably my favorite duel as of now. The guy I am playing against in this video...
  11. Mostly_Harmless

    So what's everyone playing these days?

    But we miss you so much on UT 3 Monday nights!
  12. Mostly_Harmless

    Thank you, Captain_Tea!

    Oh, boy! That's a great list :D The one's I think that would be great for duel are.... confined Lea pro duality penetrated integrity intercept (Can be Dm as well) pure pro 2 gritt purgatoria (Can be Dm as well) Bonescapper. (Can be Dm as well) remorse (Can be Dm as well) I think that's a...
  13. Mostly_Harmless

    ToJ Favebook group

    Just throwing this out there. I know many of you refuse social networking sites. (You are wise) but for those that are on Facebook, I was hoping to kind of get the ToJ group a bit active with more members. I'd still post here of course, but it would be most convenient to post in the group on FB...
  14. Mostly_Harmless

    So what's everyone playing these days?

    Right now, the biggest games on my play list are Unreal Tournament 3, Mortal kombat 9 (Mainly with Floyd and mustang) Stepmania, and Osu! Probably will get back to LoL when that big update happens to summoners rift which should be any day now and hope to eventually play StarCraft 2 again...
  15. Mostly_Harmless

    Thank you, Captain_Tea!

    A very big thanks to Tea for staying up late and spending hours fixing up our ut 3 server! We now have ut comp back on as a vote option as well as tons of mutators and much better lag (in my experience) All we need now are those epic maps and especially all of the duel maps that we used to have...
  16. Mostly_Harmless

    Mooooortal Kombaaaaaat! Ten!

    Floyd, my man! We going to rock this game! :)
  17. Mostly_Harmless

    Mooooortal Kombaaaaaat! Ten!

    Well, I know at least two ToJers that will most definitely be getting this along with me! I'm glad it will be a next gen title and for pc! Anyone else hype?
  18. Mostly_Harmless

    New ut 3 patch.

    Will be needed to play the game since gamespy is shutting down.
  19. Mostly_Harmless

    Battlefield 3 Free

    I got it. Nice freebie but the game is really boring to me online.