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  1. zebedee

    New Elder Scrolls Online Guild

    Taiga, I'm playing ESO these days. CP 690. Contact me here and lets group up. I have clears on all dungeons except the new Wolfhunter.
  2. zebedee

    I'm looking for what people may think of a video I made and if its good enough to make more.

    Seems cool to me. Nice commentating voice. There are some cool skillet songs that would make nice LoL background songs. For example, 'Savior' lyrics proclaim 'your gonna need a Savior' and you could show video of you helping out your teammates out of bad situations. Not sure if that could be...
  3. zebedee

    who is still playing LoL?

    Hey ToJ, Long time no speak. Hope everyone is doing well and the Lord is close to your hearts! I've been playing random LoL games casually for a few years now and just hit lvl 30 and realized that this was the max level. Anyways, hope there are some peeps still playing out there! Feel...
  4. zebedee


    What's up Warhammer people? :D Zeb
  5. zebedee

    1.3.6 PTS Patch Notes

    How does the swappable armor feature work? Did they make some cool armor choices? I like that the previous tier's VPs don't bleed into Tier 4. Some people were willing to log into their low level characters to push the VPs into tier 4 but it seemed like a break in the game flow to me and...
  6. zebedee

    alt woes

    Keero, you crack me up. runepriest huh? Is that gonna be like the same thing as your archmage? Play, delete, replay? O wait, what happened to Oleksy? :P Just kidding around and congratz on your level 40 Slayer! Janc, not that this is meant to guide your decision, but our guild always...
  7. zebedee

    1.3.6 Producer Letter (not 1.3.5 :p)

    The change to eliminate mailbox guarding is huge. This is a great fix that is desperately needed to increase player activity and decrease lamer tactics. I'm guilty myself of zone hopping just for the zone renown xp tick while doing things such as reading mail or organizing inventories and...
  8. zebedee

    Proposed Runepriest/Zealot changes

    Zealots already were known, if specd that way, to kill players with a single dot. I sure hope that those dots are nerfed. I didn't see any mention of it in the article. If these same super dot zealots are getting a big boost in their int, it might be next to impossible for even a pure healer...
  9. zebedee

    White Lion questions

    Speaking from limited experience playing a white lion up to level 15 as well as playing alongside them in scenarios, I can give you a rundown of how they play. You will find the White Lion to be a formidable character throughout the levels. Unlike the Witch Hunter, who starts off strong...
  10. zebedee

    Fidoc needs guild invite :)

    I cant stay and play at that time (Friday afternoon) but I'll certainly throw you an invite real quick.
  11. zebedee

    Hotfix - Nice little merchant change

    It sounds like the Useful Later option is gonna turn out really useful at higher level RRs. I've gotten used to wasting time hitting view all equipment. Nice work Mythic..but....this should have been in place years ago! I think this update should allow for tipping the merchants for reducing...
  12. zebedee

    ToJ WAR guild website?

    As Ewoks aka Myrakle Mike pointed out, we made a decision to let the redeemed hostname expire. is still an option right now to house the pages. However, I don't see any reason to revive the web site unless we had an active, and committed web maintainer.
  13. zebedee

    Officer Positions link

    With more people coming back, we could definitely fill some officer positions. If anyone who is currently playing and interested in an officer position, then take a look at this thread and let me know your thoughts. I would only ask that if you are serious about an officer role to commit to...
  14. zebedee

    Destruction outing

    As far as guild recruiting, should people take an active interest, would be primarily on Iron Rock. If the guild continues to grow like it has been doing lately, and there is enough consistent destro interest, we can change things but our guild is still too small to be separating up players...
  15. zebedee

    Wanna try out WAR again?

    If you are going to subscribe again, it is a courtesy to go through the referral process as Keero mentioned above. He would need your email address and then send you a referral link from Mythic. The link will give you all of the information you need to get going again for the unlimited trial...
  16. zebedee

    1.3.6 Producer Letter

    I wonder what happened to the Archmage mechanic revamp like 6 months ago. They had some minor changes to the Archmage back then in 'preparation' for the new mechanic was the last I saw. I'm guessing that the new mechanic got axed. Also, not that it matters much....I never agreed with...
  17. zebedee

    The Slayer: OhIltswaltMDPSca*

    Good to see a post in this section! Thanks Keero!
  18. zebedee

    1.3.6 Update: Endgame changed/Dev interviews

    Craazy Patch! I haven't been keeping track much and they even revamped the BW career path and looks like they got some nerfs. Ah well, the squeaky wheels get the grease. The trainers are now in Temple of Sigmar and in the Guild Tavern so looks like guild scrolls are going to be used a lot...
  19. zebedee

    Tribe of Judah 11th Anniversary celebration!

    Hey everyone, Let's praise God for 11 years of christian video gamers uniting for fellowship and fun! There is an official celebration happening on Sunday, May 23, so make a few new friends and congratulate Tek and staff! Here is the official posting with meeting times. 36767
  20. zebedee

    coming back to see what's up

    Hey Jan, I noticed that none of your characters listed have gotten into the guild yet. Send me an PM on this site or IM and we can schedule a definite time to get your chars in. The action can be very fast paced in the game and some guild members can miss tells (even though I encourage chat...