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  1. Lloren

    Forums Updated

    Bump. Updating the forums to the latest version in 5..4...3..2...1.... Done.
  2. Lloren

    Forums Updated

    Just wanted to say "Hello" and let you know that the forums have been updated to the latest security patch. Have a great day! :) John 14:15-16 “If you love me, keep my commands and I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Helper to be with you forever” ESV
  3. Lloren

    New Year 2015

    Ayyyyeeeehhh.. You too!
  4. Lloren

    So what's everyone playing these days?

    Haven't played a PC or console game in 6 months. No time.
  5. Lloren

    WoW still going...

    I miss WoW
  6. Lloren

    New Location, New Job

    Praise God Kendrik! That's awesome.
  7. Lloren

    Windows 8... lol

    There you go.... Windows 3.0 in it's HTML5 glory. A guy just made a port of 3.11 to HTML5, but the server was still overloaded when I checked this morning:
  8. Lloren

    Windows 8... lol

    I don't "hate" Windows 8 and I use it at home, but it's a far cry from "awesome".
  9. Lloren

    Best credit score watching service?

    Right, but you don't really need a score to check fraud and identify theft. Companies pull your score when they pull credit so I don't know why I would need it.
  10. Lloren

    Best credit score watching service?

    Google Calendar works for me. You can legally check your score for free every year from every credit agency (Experian, TransUnion, Equifax). So you spread them out and check one every 4 months and setup a calendar reminder. Free and you get a check in every 4 months.
  11. Lloren

    Ipad/Tablet/Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 -- etc

    decent & small & gaming....hmmm.... what kind of games?
  12. Lloren

    Merry Christmas to everyone on this forum

    Merry Christmas CGA! I'm very thankful for this community of believers.
  13. Lloren


    I'm praying for you Rustom and for your dad and mom. It sounds like there are some potentially serious unhealthy control/abuse happening with your parents. If your parents are avid church goers then I would approach your dad about seeing the pastor or a counselor at the church to get help...
  14. Lloren

    Scarlett vs sOs!! This is going to be so exciting!

    Missed it because I'm a noob
  15. Lloren

    There are not enough hours in the day

    fist bump from Montucky.
  16. Lloren

    vBulletin Upgrade in TMinus 5 minutes

    What's the Facebook site again? I searched for it and couldn't find it yesterday. Can I post there?
  17. Lloren

    vBulletin Upgrade in TMinus 5 minutes

    I tweeted! :)
  18. Lloren

    vBulletin Upgrade in TMinus 5 minutes

    And we are back....
  19. Lloren

    vBulletin Upgrade in TMinus 5 minutes

    So yeah...
  20. Lloren

    Custom or paid vBulletin 4.x theme?

    I'll put this here. I'd like to find another theme as well