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  1. Bakey

    Building a new machine, AMD VS. INTEL

    NO they're not. Why's it so hard to understand that 2 pieces of hardware = twice as likely to have a failure? No, I spend my hard-earned money on places where I can really tell the difference, RAM, CPU, and Video card. Raid 0's a waste of money and a ticking timebomb in your case, just...
  2. Bakey

    Building a new machine, AMD VS. INTEL

    ^This. If you're going to spend the cheese on raid 0, spend a few more bucks and go raid 5. Speed AND redundancy. :p
  3. Bakey

    Building a new machine, AMD VS. INTEL

    Yes but running 2 disks doubles your chance of failure. No they wouldn't. Most people don't use or care about fraps and can't push resolutions that high for gaming at 60FPS anyway, much less stream all that data to disk.
  4. Bakey

    map rotation

    Then you've been playing games where good pings don't matter. As a multi-year admin and multi year player where pings DO matter (UT and Quake series), pings are the MOST important thing about a server.
  5. Bakey

    Aion Online

    No thanks. :)
  6. Bakey

    Unreal tourny 99.

    Josh, Most of the people left playing UT99 right now have been playing since it was released, so my concern is that you'll find a hard time getting to play against people your skill level. Feel free to give it a shot though. I believe there are several servers still pretty active. As far as...
  7. Bakey

    Valve Update May 29th

    So when are we going to password the server, set it to achievement box, and farm all the new unlocks?
  8. Bakey

    map rotation

    Given the choice of 2 servers with the same number of people in them and the same map, the lower ping one will always get the vote. Ping does matter, bottom line.
  9. Bakey

    How to embed videos uploaded to my own web space?

    Don't wanna use YouTube? Vimeo. Seriously, why go to all the trouble when there's several good websites that do a fantastic job of hosting videos and allowing you to embed them?
  10. Bakey

    Building a new machine, AMD VS. INTEL

    A Raid 0 gives you twice the chance of hardware failure and guess what? You lose 1 drive and your whole array goes bye bye. Of all the parts to die in a computer, the ones that usually do are the ones with moving parts: hard drives and PSU's. Also, if you're going to spend the money and do a...
  11. Bakey

    Server Experiment

    OK TF2 players, I've got an experiment for you to try for the next week. For only 1 week, I'm going to ask that you do one thing when you fire up TF2: log into our server first. If you're the first one there, check who else is online and send out invites for them to join you in game. If no...
  12. Bakey

    Double Everything for Vanquishing

    That's death on a sesame seed bun. :p
  13. Bakey

    map rotation

    So a 2-1 ratio? 2 Stock maps in a row then 1 custom?
  14. Bakey

    map rotation

    This doesn't help random pubbers though. It's nice to have new people in the server and the possibility of keeping someone around long enough to recruit them goes down severely if they can't stay in the server more than 1 map at a time because we run a bunch of customs. So that brings up...
  15. Bakey


    Prediction: This is step 3 of Google's domination of the world. Step 1 was GMail and Step 2 was YouTube.
  16. Bakey

    Today is "National Change Your Avatar Day"!

    What if I just changed mine? EDIT - nevermind, I changed again anyway JUST FOR YOU Treebranch. :D
  17. Bakey

    Request to Join SoE/SOE thread

    He's been approved.
  18. Bakey

    Get to know your Guildees! =)

    Name: Matt Primary Character: Stabbybakey (Human Rogue) Age: 29 Status: Married (8yrs), 1 sons (2 years old), 1 dogs (mutt :)) Game Achievement I'm most proud of atm: n/a (I'm a noob. :P) Favorite Class: Dunno Favorite Profession: Dunno PvE Goals: Dunno PvP Goals: Dunno Favorite Bible...
  19. Bakey

    Building a new machine, AMD VS. INTEL

    Please don't do this. It's such a horrible idea on a home machine. I think it's a horrible idea on ANY machine, but especially ones for home gaming.
  20. Bakey

    IRC problem

    That's handled client-side. Just type /nick Cup o Joe after you connect (assuming you're using the java client found on the website).