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  1. Darkbot22x

    TOJ takes on Castle Crashers Insane Mode

    excuse fail! GET IT DONE!
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    TOJ takes on Castle Crashers Insane Mode

  3. Darkbot22x

    TOJ takes on Castle Crashers Insane Mode

    So when we playing RyanB? i need the insane trophy!
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    TOJ takes on Castle Crashers Insane Mode

    So guys i've got Castle Crashers and i've got some high level guys and i wanted to beat insane mode! Who's With me!? What day and time are good for you? Let TOJ go forth and Destory the Evil Plaguing the world of Castle Crashers! TEAM ASSEMBLE!
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    Where (or who) is everyone?

    Friend invite Accepted! Lets FIGHT!
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    Where (or who) is everyone?

    THe only Ratchet and Clank i have played is THe Newest one. A crack in time. one of my all time fav games. as for All 4 One. im not sure im gonna get it. we will see. And Kendrick when do you wanna fight? did you add me on PSN? i just got back to Washington from college in florida and havent...
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    Where (or who) is everyone?

    Hey All its me! MArio... nowait ive been away because of College but now im back for winter break!. im an avid (but doents mean im great) Team Fortress 2 Player! If anyone ever wants to ply just Add me on Steam Dark_Bot, and IM me. it will be awesome! supahfun times. I also have a PS3 with...
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    3D Dot Game Heroes Comes to USA May 11, 2010

    mmmmmm BACON. i really want this game. totally buying this on May 11th!
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    Any Resistance 2 players out there?

    Resistance 2 I have that game id love to play sometime! i haven't played it in forever. Let play sometime!
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    As of Today i am asking all members of the TOJ Ps3 Chapter to include "Toj" or "" in their gamer tag comment! as we are getting more an more members it is harder and harder to keep track of those in the clan and those who are not. this will ensure identification to others as well as...
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    Power SUpply Issues?

    I have a question ya'll. Sometimes my usb port do not work and dont power up or cannot sustain power for a long period of time. Could this be because i have too small of a power supply?
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    Fat Princess

    Hey everyone I am most liekely getting FAT PRINCESS tomorrow! Zanthox and i are going to be Deeding cake to our captive princess all day if you want to join us! I am very excited about this game and very excited about playing with all of you! ___________________ On another note as of...
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    Castle Crashers coming to PS3

    i think i just crapped my pants! I WNT TO PLAY THIS GAME SOO BBAD. im very excited to get this game.
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    Game night(s)?

    hmmmm I like Friday evenings, but im not sure it will work for everyone. tuesdays and wednesdays i am off usually so that would be good, however when school starts i may not have a steady schedule with which to work. im up for anything!
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    Best online game to get for ToJ

    Black gravity Black gravity is right! Killzone 2 most of us have and Resistance 2 is Great online COop and VS! GET them BOTH if you can!
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    Killzone 2 DLC Pack #3 "Napalm & Cordite" Incoming

    airblast conspiracy Airblast=keero 100 kills and NO DEATHS
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    TF2 Competitive Play - Sign up here

    Hey all new to the forums Toj memeber forever! heres my Roster ENtry! Best Classes: Soldier, heavy, engineer, medic Best Night: tuesday-Wednesday Preferred Type: none Preferred Format: none