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  1. Losse

    Classic Horde TBC christian guild seeking more members

    The guild is The Way on whitemane server. Current raid starts at 9est on karazhan but u dont have to raid of course. I can pm you contact info if interested or just message a member in game
  2. Losse

    Classic WOW

    I think there will be a christian guild on classic. I'll try to remember to post here if i get more info. I'll PM you discord info for Narrow Path, Thunderhorn, Alliance. We have a classic channel in our discord. We have multiple husband wife / dad kid teams on our raid team.
  3. Losse

    List of Christian MMO Guilds

    New link for: Thunderhorn [Alliance]: Narrow Path -- Guild Master: Caricic: The website is But all the activity is on discord now like most guilds. Currently 6/8 heroic eternal palance. 8:30 to 10:30 est on thursday and monday.
  4. Losse

    List of Christian MMO Guilds

    Narrow Path Alliance could use a few more raiders for 9pm to 12pm est on thurs and mon nights. Currently at heroic jana on this team. The other team has jana down. Probably mainly dps but needed. Raid team is called Redeemed.
  5. Losse

    Information for the List of Christian MMO guilds.

    A World of Warcraft guild since vanilla. Guild Name: Narrow Path Game: World of Warcraft Server Name, Time Zone, and Type: Thunderhorn - US - PVE Faction: Alliance Guild Website: Raiding normal and/or heroic on evenings. Sometimes mythic. ;)
  6. Losse

    Black Desert Online

    Update: Still going strong. Killing Guild bosses now for Liverto. Regular boss scroll runs. Plenty of jokes. No pressure. Be a hermit or a social butterfly, or something in between. Mumble or no mumble, up to you.
  7. Losse

    Black Desert Online

    Still growing. Some of us starting to explore Mediah and some relaxing and exploring more casual.
  8. Losse

    Black Desert Online

    Update: The guild is still very active and growing. If you have any interest in this game and are looking for a guild, please check out the website.
  9. Losse

    Neverwinter approaches! Get your D&D on!

    Quick bump/update: The guild is still very active in NWO.
  10. Losse

    Is there a group finder in this game?

    And if so, what level do the instance groups start? Well, i'd be interested to know when the dungeon instances start even if there is no group finder or something like it.
  11. Losse

    Hackers out in full

    Yeah i can't wait till authenticators, they better make some or atleast the app.l I have gotten 4 password email reset requests so far that I didnt request.
  12. Losse

    Initial Feedback

    I didnt play till mid day saturday but it has been smooth except i wish they would fix the trade/auction house and guild invite issues.
  13. Losse

    Here's to new hardware!

    What was the new cpu and mobo?
  14. Losse

    Official Legacy of Elijah Enrollment Thread

    Losse.1530 had to go with lossey for a char name since losse was taken already!
  15. Losse

    Official Legacy of Elijah Enrollment Thread

    Losse.1530 Losse
  16. Losse


    ewok, so is Lions of Judah going to be in reborn guild also on the same server as you? confused on that
  17. Losse


    I listened to this podcast too and found it worth while. The last episode had the lead lore designers from trion for both faction interviewed (or something like that).
  18. Losse


    So is there BGs or of sorts? So that pve servers would have some pvp? Just wait till u get older and the cardiologist tells you to cut back on the caffiene and adrenalin LOL.
  19. Losse


    I listened to a few of the podcasts from this site. Its fairly informative and entertaining. Lots of Trine interviews too. Also, does anyone know the difference between a pvp and pve server, is it same as wow?
  20. Losse

    Intel recall...

    Whats a support chip? Is that something on the mother board or is that a CPU? Its not the 6000 series cpu like this is it? Intel Pentium E6800 Wolfdale 3.33GHz 2MB L2 Cache LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Desktop Processor BX80571E6800 Just wondering since i installed one of those in the wife's pc...