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  1. cgdoc519

    Anyone interested in Challenge Modes?

    I think it would be fun, but there is not a lot of people around pre-expansion. I can not commit because of RL scheduling, however.
  2. cgdoc519

    Teamspeak or Vent?

    TeamSpeak is what the CGA uses. Both have their advantages, but for the sake of settling that's what we went with. I replied to your other post but just in case, you can find the TS information HERE.
  3. cgdoc519

    Is there a teamspeak for Christian Gaming Alliance?

    Hi brutan! There is a TeamSpeak 3 server that is managed by the CGA. The address for TS is Welcome!
  4. cgdoc519


    Welcome to the CGA! It is a pleasure to have you join our family. Please look through this link for a up to date list of the CGA guilds. It a great place to start if you are looking for a new game that already has a pre established guild.
  5. cgdoc519


    cmdisc, see the link. It appears we do have a small Allods guild.
  6. cgdoc519


    Hi there and welcome to the CGA! I am not sure that we have Allods chapter but that does not mean there is not interest!
  7. cgdoc519

    Guild Wars 2 Dungeon List

    nice list, thank you very much!
  8. cgdoc519

    Ascent to Madness

    Yea the MK instance is pretty cool. I tried the clock tower but I just don't have the hand eye coordination for that...
  9. cgdoc519

    Monday October 22, 2012

    nice, thank you!
  10. cgdoc519

    Sanctum of Rall is Full

    When I first bought the game it was full. Then I came back in the morning I believe and it said high, so I jumped on and created a character on mine and my wife’s account. So it may just be a timing thing.
  11. cgdoc519

    Amazon Store - Support CGA!

    And we thank you Mr. Wocky! :)
  12. cgdoc519

    Official Legacy of Elijah Enrollment Thread

    So we meet in the GW2 battlefield aswell. :-)
  13. cgdoc519

    Hi all!

  14. cgdoc519

    Get To Know Your Guildies!

    Name: Jason Age: 30 Position: Guild Member Main Character: Norm Ranger, Diat Playstyle: PvE Occupation: Health, Safety and Environmental for Weatherford International Location: California Other: I am a married father of 5. I don't have a lot of time for games but both my wife and I do...
  15. cgdoc519

    Hi all!

    Just joined the guild last night. I look forward to seeing you all in game as time perments.
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    Welcome to the CGA brother!
  17. cgdoc519

    Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter!
  18. cgdoc519

    Flashback Botnet

    I did not know that, thanks! I knew someone somewhere was making money off it just did not know or even care to look up how it worked.