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  1. lueff

    Wanting to join :) Semi-newb here :)

    Mmm... Nice Ask-a-Ninja reference there. :cool:
  2. lueff

    Paper I wrote on Christian WoW guilds (cough, this one) last semester.

    A wonderful paper, John. I am very impressed; very few could be as thorough and clear in expressing the medium ramifications of WoW in our lives as it impacts our testimony and our interactions with others. We as Christians are to others as we manifest ourselves to be, and this game is not...
  3. lueff

    healers in PVP

    Only recently did Camyron respec back to PvE healing. If you want to look him up in Armory, you'll see that he's done his fair share of arenas. For the most part, his arena team consisted of two warlocks (one demonology, and one who constantly respecced between demonology and a draintank...
  4. lueff

    Gary Gygax, 'Father of D&D,' Dies at 69

    For those of us who have spent any degree of time involved in D&D, AD&D, any tabletop roleplaying game, or any roleplaying game in general (ie WoW) the death of Gary Gygax came as something more significant than it would to most. I respect what he did for the genre. As children of God we have...
  5. lueff

    So, I like David Crowder...

    Ha... much like WoW, youtube is blocked at my college. I'm sure I'll get to see it eventually though.
  6. lueff

    Dream Job Offer!!

    Um... WTS [Wrapped Gift] ?
  7. lueff


    Congratulations to the two of you!
  8. lueff

    What's the need for Shamans in TF?

    Shaman always gave my hunter problems in PvP, but I must say it truly balanced out when one on one in Alterac Valley I beat a shaman with 20% health and 10% mana remaining and he self-rezzed. I immediately scattershot him and offed him again with aimed shot. It's hard for me to say this, but...
  9. lueff

    Beware of the WoW Downloader Trojan!!!

    The pirates send you an in-game mail with an authorization code to receive 10 free gold. You insert the authorization code at their website - A trojan is downloaded to your computer. You log on, and your WoW account information is sent to The...
  10. lueff

    Gladiator's War Staff

    Wow... I never thought about it before... but Kharazan... Sounds... goofy.
  11. lueff

    Gladiator's War Staff

    It's not exactly an easy thing to accomplish, either. It will require time and effort to get that staff. Blizzard does want to sympathize with the casual gamer. We can all see how they're doing that in TBC. But - at least in my opinion - they also have to respect and reward those who put in...
  12. lueff

    Everyone in the Official Druid forums is a noob.

    Don't trust the WoW forums... a couple friends of mine were throwing a fit the other day because they were convinced that level 60 warriors in TBC were supposedly getting a MASSIVE damage nerf. Their estimates placed the dps of a level 60 arms warrior in mostly blues at the same level as my...
  13. lueff

    Suggested PvP spec for 48 Hunter?

    Er... guess it's up to me then? Drop efficiency. It's one of those talents that you put points in because you need to open up the next tier of talents. If you're using points for that reason, definately stick two into rapid killing. I'm not sure how much you've used it in the past, but start...
  14. lueff

    Hi (:

  15. lueff

    how many demons or angels are there?

    The ground wasn't the only thing that God cursed. Please read the rest of Genesis 3.
  16. lueff

    More babies. . .

  17. lueff

    Hey there.

    Welcome to the guild Cory. You're going to love it here. I know I have. =)
  18. lueff

    how many demons or angels are there?

    Humor is one thing, but be careful that we always remember the respect and sanctity that God and His Word deserve. In my opinion, there is nothing "pansy"ish or "lame" about the Bible or anything it says. Avoiding words like this would be a good principle for the future. God is love. But...
  19. lueff

    Imp Sap in PvP

    Didn't Blizzard mention something about "preparation" no longer resetting the cooldown on "blind" and a couple other abilities?
  20. lueff

    Hunter Spec

    It's pretty much the exact same build with my hunter, with some very slight differences bent more toward PvP, as world PvP is pretty much all I play him for anymore - yay [WorldDefense]. I'm going to like seeing how well Trueshot aura stacks with 5/5 Lightning Reflexes.