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  1. Neirai the Forgiven

    4th Edition D&D Homebrew class: the Jester

    Ahh yeah, sorry for the late responses. Dabbling Magic == Perform Magic == Perform Magic Trick. I changed the name a lot over the year and obviously didn't find all the places I referenced it. Sorry about that! I'm glad you're enjoying it :D
  2. Neirai the Forgiven

    4th Edition D&D Homebrew class: the Jester

    I don't lurk, lol. But I do come when summoned!!! The Trapeze bar is intended to be a horizontal metal bar that hangs rigid in the air. That means: Enemies can go under it (assuming the height makes sense.) It wouldn't count as difficult terrain, although definitely have fun with it. In a dark...
  3. Neirai the Forgiven

    [Weekly - W] Now Playing

    Harfstone Final Fantasy Record Keeper DIablo III and the occasional Grim Dawn Way too much Civilization V. But that tends to be testing, not playing. I haven't finished a game in 2 years.
  4. Neirai the Forgiven

    Nostalgic Reminiscences of Games Long Past

    Shining Force. Final Fantasy 2, 3, 4, and 7. Mario, Commander Keen. Street Fighter II, King Arthur, and Willow. Brain Lord.
  5. Neirai the Forgiven

    Can I? How do I?

    The normal procedure (at least when I was last around) works something like this: 1) Log into your character on Terenas. 2) Type /who "The Forgiven" (the quotes are necessary to filter out other guilds with similar names) 3) Ask around for an officer. 4) Answer a few questions including, but...
  6. Neirai the Forgiven

    College decisions prayer request

    God will bless you either way! It's his goal and his promise, so don't stress :) Lord, make Joshinator's paths straight. Whatever that means ;)
  7. Neirai the Forgiven

    Anyone read dc comics?

    The truth is, I'm not a huge fan of DC. I do enjoy some elements (Green Lantern, modern Batman with the whole legion of batmen thing,) but DC was largely plagued with a philosophy that says that evil is as strong or stronger than good, and that just makes all my lie-o-meters go nuts.
  8. Neirai the Forgiven

    Looking for 3d art guy for Civ 5 modding.

    Give me a little time to figure out information, then I will give you some idea. Formats are GR2, but you can convert them.
  9. Neirai the Forgiven

    Looking for 3d art guy for Civ 5 modding.

    Hey, I'm looking for someone who can do a bit of Civ 5 3d modelling work. It shouldn't be too hard, since it basically will consist of modifying existing models. I'm not sure about programs, but it looks like it can be done with Blender. All in all, I'd be looking at modelling about 4...
  10. Neirai the Forgiven

    Anyone read dc comics?

    For Marvel, I highly recommend Matt Fraction's run of Iron Man. It's pretty much supreme but you do need to have a basic knowledge of the Dark Reign series (as much as I dislike Dark Reign.) I can give you cliff's notes if you like, but they may include spoilers.
  11. Neirai the Forgiven

    Where is everyone?

    I've been more absent a bit. Largely this is because of: 1) Civ modding taking up a bunch of my spare time. 2) I'm in a season of major growth here, which is also taking up a lot of my time but is also changing me from being the immature "knows a lot about everything guy" to "listen to the Lord...
  12. Neirai the Forgiven


    Ultimately, I would also add: Pray - Not vocally or in text, but vocally and in spirit, pray to God. When it really comes down to it, the battle to win souls is just that -- a battle, and it is won with weapons that aren't talking, but rather prayer. I suggest: - Pray for every player during...
  13. Neirai the Forgiven

    Diablo III

    It's true. I have to watch how much I play since I don't want a sprain -- something that (feels the tight tendons in his right arm) I am susceptible to.
  14. Neirai the Forgiven

    Diablo III

    It's much better than it's ever been. Blizzard has really hit it off with this one. WoW, please take notes.
  15. Neirai the Forgiven

    Get a Hearthsteed mount in WoW for playing Hearthstone

    I suck tooooo badly to win any ranked games soooo....
  16. Neirai the Forgiven

    Can I start writing here again?

    Yes. Yes you can.
  17. Neirai the Forgiven

    Civilization V Mod: Australia

    I've spent the last 5 months working on this mod. If you have Civ 5, I'd recommend it ;)
  18. Neirai the Forgiven


    This has been sitting here for a while, so I figured I should pop in and say, yes, TF is very active, unless something catastrophic has happened. I'm also (tentatively) planning to come back for WoD.
  19. Neirai the Forgiven

    The CGA Astore is back

    Does Amazon support consoles? Because I'm interested in buying an XBone this year, and I'd love to do it via CGA.
  20. Neirai the Forgiven

    All Hallows Eve?