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    The Arrow Game

    ^ HECK YA! (been homeschooled for 4 or 5 yrs, proud of it.) > just had got a new baby sister (after 4 brothers,wow) V can't wait for the new marvel vs. EA game. (link here: )
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    The Arrow Game

    ^ NO WAY!!!! *faints* > loves star wars V has a looooooooong video game wishlist
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    Republic Commando Demo is out!

    It's back up! :) cool demo, looks to be a great game. (pretty linear tho, like the original MOH)
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    PC Hospital

    way to go MM!
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    Opinion of Resident Evil 4

    not exactly a review......
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    Good games to get for Christmas?

    agreed. my brother got it and is playing and has been stuck on that particular level for awhile...tried to beat it myself once,being pretty good at RTS games, and the ladders slaughtered me. tricky level!
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    KABOOM! descent 3 multiplayer taunt
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    Competition Team try-outs

    what games? also, i haven't been a member of tribe of judah specifically, but have been on these forums and checked out you website for awhile. am i eligible? i don't have cs source.
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    good joystick games

    k, just a note. i like sims and all, but i don't like the ones where you have to hit a hundred buttons just to take off. that said, i shall give a general guideline: 1. can't be a FPS/flight combat game like BF1942. my mom just made this rule about shooting games. i'm fine with it, but does...
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    good joystick games

    just got a new joystick and was wondering if you guys could reccomend any good games for it. help?
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    whoa, use the edit button there rith! anyways, i'll probably get it when it comes out for pc. Do you have to beat or own the first one to understand the story?
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    good joystick games

    i just got a new joystick and was wondering if anyone can recommend some good simulation or arcade style flight games? help?
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    Trading in games

    how true, take for example halo 2. trade in at ebgames: $20. trade in at gamestop: $25. sell on ebay : average ending price : $35-45. ebay is the way to go. even with gameboy games.
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    Anarchy Online Free!

    well i'm downloadin with the client now... eta 5hrs 36 mins and 23 seconds ON BROADBAND!!!!! stupid server. 13kb/s. i guess the alien invasion expansion pack is the best, and i'd buy that one, looks good and is scifi themed. im a scifi nut.
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    question bout tempetures

    canned air? what's the point of buying air? *grabs a bottle, swoops around and sells to some dummy for $5* *repeats* gee, this could be profitable
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    Someone backed into my car while it was parked

    geez, what a jerk. hate it when things like that happen. Well, at least he had insurance
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    question bout tempetures

    dude, i'm surprised ur comp hasn't blown up! or a fire started or something. my temp is usually 65-72 degrees. Do you have a heatsink? it might make the comp run better if you did.
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    Good games to get for Christmas?

    i dunno, the second prince seemed kinda cheesy with the "dark prince" and the demo was dumb, but i think i'll just go out and buy the original half life for $10 *runs*
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    NINTENDO DS!!!!!!!!!!11

    the demo was fun, tho without the finger tab it seemed imposible to shoot, move and look at the same time ;) if u buy it, get a finger tab to reduce the need of 3 hands
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    Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

    Half life 2 ! can't...wait...hate...price...tag....*goes to buy on ebay*