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    My apologies for the outage

    web1..the server that serves this site..suffered a raid card failure which corrupted both ssd drives. After repairs were made the system wasrestored form the most recent backup. some posts will be missing but it shouldn't be many. Once again my apologies.
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    Should Christians Accept LGBTQ?

    my edldest daughter is a lesbian...i will never turn from her as she is my blood...but i have told her i will never accept her lifestyle choice..but she iwill always be my duaghter and if he needs something I can help with i will never turn her away because she's gay. Love my daughter(the...
  3. Hescominsoon

    If anyone is following news from Ukraine...
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    Should Christians Accept LGBTQ?

    that's an interesting question. My eldest is gay...declared it driving home right after she turned 18. While she is my daughter..and I will do whatever I can for her..i have told her I do not accept her lifestyle...note the word lif3estyle....choice. I told her I will always love her and will...
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    apologies for downtime

    I had a software problem take the hosting serfice offline. I ahve restored the database to what was present as of about 7pm this evening.
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    recent downtime

    Shared hosting can be tricky at times. You do everything to isolate accounts from each other..then you have an edge case that blows everything's my recent edge's repaired now..but it also shows why constant vigilance is always required...
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    Recent Outage

    The webserver that hosts this and other sites upderwnet a replacement. The main reason was an internet connection upgrade. From 50megabits to 400 or more megabits. the hardware is slightly better..but it was the connection speed i was going for. Let me know if there's any problems. The site...
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    A Random Thought

    what do you define as old?
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    A Minor Observation

    it's not a leap of faith my's fact. I am NOT into Qanon. Trump did not spend an hour invoking the violence as the violence started BEFORE the throng gathered at Trump's speech even completed and therefore the folks Trump was "inciting" were not even present at the capitol and had...
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    A Minor Observation it hasn't been debunked. There's too much evidence: counting stopping overnight..never happened any other time video of votes being switched on public broadcast....votes going for crepub candidates and the exact same amount going up for the dem multiple afrfidavits(under penalty of...
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    A Minor Observation

    oh no you don't...You made the statement..explain/defend it... I ask again: what dumbness and gullibility are you referring to?
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    A Minor Observation

    what dumbness and gullibility are you referring to?
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    A Minor Observation

    that's how it's supposed to work..however the electorate in general has continuously abdicated their authority to the gov't for more than 80 years to the point we are now owned by the gov't. Unless something drastic happens before the 20th then it's been proven our elections now are just kabuki...
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    A Minor Observation

    you are incorrect about number 2. without the executive we do not have a country. without all three branches our country falls.
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    go all the way to the bottom of the page and your reply box is right there..:) if you want to quote then you can do what you's a bit confusing sometimes at first..but easy to wrap your head around once you get a pointer..:)
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    PSA Concerning Certain Conspiracy Theories Being Promoted in High Places...

    the USA ceased to be great decades's unfortunate..but that's the truth..look at what his country has codified into law..that's all you need to know.
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    Chill games

    I have eve installed...just have not deigned to devote time to hasn't really grabbed me.
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    Chill games

    Gaming for me is chill..and i have added a couple: SC2, D3, WOW, Warframe.
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    Thought I'd check in and say hello :)

    do not forget to post here..MOST has gone to discord...until discord boots folks like us off...:)