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    ToJ Server Whitelist

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    ToJ Server Whitelist

    Have you ever been banned? (If so please list why): No. Real Life First Name (optional): Zachary Wathen Age Group (under 16; 17-20; 21-35; 36+): 21-35 Do you belong to another TOJ Chapter (if so, please list): No. How did you hear about TOJ Minecraft?: I am in the CGA Discord. Do you agree to...
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    What Christian artists do you dig?

    I personally enjoy listening to Switchfoot and Lecrae.
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    fgshwiehegaheg, because why not, lol?
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    Hello everyone, I joined a day or two ago. My name is Zach and I live in Kansas. I turn twenty-one in three weeks. I hope to get to know you better!