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  1. Stc95

    A Change in Leadership

    It is time for a change for LoE. As much as I enjoy leading LoE and this guild has become something of a family to me, I do not have the time to devote to the guild that you all deserve. It would be a disservice to everyone to continue serving in this role without having the time to devote...
  2. Stc95

    Official Legacy of Elijah Enrollment Thread

    Invite sent to both Agios and Pastor Charles Welcome to the guild :)
  3. Stc95

    Official Legacy of Elijah Enrollment Thread

    Invite sent! Welcome to the guild! :) :)
  4. Stc95

    Challenge For you and your family

    There's already companion books out for the series. my roommates and I are going to get the DVDs when they come out and make a weekend out of it.
  5. Stc95

    Which Home World Are You On?

    Servant!!! Glad to see you again!! Definitely missed you since the good ole GW1 days. Too bad there's no more Hall of Heroes for us to run again
  6. Stc95


    My school, a non-denominational Protestant university (with Baptist ties) is encouraging the observance of Lent for the second year in a row this year. Students of course are not required to give anything up, but it is something that our school is trying to respect and encourage as a discipline...
  7. Stc95

    Daily Tips

    Also, a good place for Healer: Nebo Terrace in Gendarran Fields. I usually head there since the heart quest is to revive fallen Seraph soldiers. Dead people spawn! It's brilliant!
  8. Stc95

    Daily Tips

    WvW, in my opinion, is the single best place to get ALL your dailies done. The bottom part of any borderland has 16 different types of enemies to kill, there's the giant lake in the middle of every BL to get underwater kills, resource nodes scattered throughout the map, if you take just one...
  9. Stc95

    Reading material on how to pray?

    Just my own personal anecdote, my prayers have drastically changed after I read the Psalms. These are prayers that David, Solomon, and others have prayed and serve as an example of what Biblical prayer is like, though not necessarily what they NEED to be. The books that have been suggested...
  10. Stc95

    Official Legacy of Elijah Enrollment Thread

    Invite sent! Welcome :)
  11. Stc95

    Coming Games You Are Looking Forward to Playing

    Rome Total War 2 and HOTS!
  12. Stc95

    Looking to Join/be Accepted

    Hey Soulartist! Glad you found us and are interested in joining us! It's a good thing that Anet just implemented the guesting system. I'm not sure how to go about it, but I do know that even if you are on another server, you can guest onto our server for PvE, which will allow you to run...
  13. Stc95

    WvW Sanctum of Rall Server TS

    An update on the TS3 server, yes it is not a family friendly area, but it is a good place for the SoR server to get together and have real-time communication. If you do join the server, they will most likely ask who you are and to verify that you are in-fact, a SoR player. That doesn't...
  14. Stc95

    Jan 16 - Guild Dungeon Frenzy - All night, All welcome

    How'd it go this week? I wasn't able to make it online for any dungeons (got enough time to make my Mystic Claymore though :D). Good turnout? Good drops? Precursers? :p
  15. Stc95

    Official Legacy of Elijah Enrollment Thread

    Glad to see you aboard Everhardt!! I'm equally encouraged that our tags running around GW2 are becoming recognizable and prominent :) As for our policies on alts, we don't have any. We would strongly encourage you to represent LoE on all your characters, but with GW2's unique and dynamic...
  16. Stc95

    Simple games for an older generation

    What are some games that might appeal to the older generations? I know we have quite a few members that might fit this category, but I'm mainly talking about retired, 75+, mind slowing down, old. My grandfather is getting a little stir crazy at home and when I was first getting into games...
  17. Stc95

    Jan 16 - Guild Dungeon Frenzy - All night, All welcome

    Officers, also feel free to use guild upgrades and consumables in the guild stash! I probably won't make it this friday, as it's my last weekend before I head back to school, but I'll try and hop on in the morning and fire off some guild buffs, but if I don't get around to it make sure that...
  18. Stc95

    The Orr Orator!

    That one was rough. Hit me right here.. here being my heart.
  19. Stc95

    Friday Dungeon Frenzy, Jan 11th, just show up

    And TeamSpeak! Don't forget TeamSpeak! That's a great way to get into groups, figure out how to do the dungeons, and where the fun is to be had!! No mic/headset needed (but preferred!) Listening can be just as much a benefit and fun as talking! Last night Avenger had to turn his mic off...
  20. Stc95

    The Orr Orator!

    Found this on Reddit, absolutely genius! Must read! Safe for family, work, and reading to your children before bed.