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    screen saver quandary

    Anyone know of a screen saver that is contiguous across more than two monitors? So far all I've been able to find were the junk junk ones that come with windows.
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    It has ARRIVED!

    LOL...if he ever comes back!
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    *New Expansion* EVE Online: Trinity

    New site. Cool screenshots too.
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    Free Worship MP3s? Head here. You'll need to get winamp and this plug in. Then use winamp, or google to find online Christian radio stations.(Any that will play in Wimamp will work) Using this plugin, you'll be able to 'capture' the songs as they run through your PC. The...
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    Laid off

    I will pray
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    EVE Economics

    Check this out Looks like they are actually studying the system.
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    Need a programer who wants a challenge it's a challenge for me at least... I need a program that prints "Hello world" to the screen. Ok....seriously... I'm looking for authentication coding and lookup code that will pull information off the EVE-O site. PM me for specifics. I'm thinking, and you may know better...
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    I am new here :)

    Greeting mate! Always good to see another EVE pilot make their way here. :D Where abouts are you flying?
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    parent's aren't supposed to act like this

    Very true. Myspace only has rules so that they can shrug off responsiblity for something like this and not get sued.
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    parent's aren't supposed to act like this

    That's sick that's really sick
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    APA I've use this site several times for this kinda thing.
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    Pack your trash.....we're moving!!!

    That's right. We're headed down to 0.0. Currently, there is a base of operations being setup in the Scolluzer system. Get a move on! From there a series of convoys will be setup to get people and stuff moved down to what will be our new home. **Do to the nature of EVE the specifics...
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    Just amazing

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    Teamspeak abuse

    I stand corrected. Thought it wasn't so.
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    Demon Hunter: storm the gates of hell

    Haste the Day is another good group.
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    yay I finally got it!

    That's a good album.
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    Relient K: Let it Snow Baby Let it Reindeer

    A Christmas album if you didn't catch that from the title. A must if you're into Relient K, and something to look into for anyone who likes Christmas music, or is looking for something new in the genre. A total of 17 songs. Some are done better then most renditions. Silent Night for example...
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    David Crowder Band: Remedy

    Just got this CD, and I'm diggin' it. Classic David Crowder. Has some throwback to the Sushi album with a good bit of electronic sounds. Not as good as the Illuminate albums, but it gets close. Easily better then Colision Definitely look at it if you're into music.
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    Tek7's 13-day journey

    CCP remembers your email. So if you have gmail, just invite yourself to it. You could login to update skills and what not in between TF2 matches.