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  1. C4K3

    Unpacking Nine-Eleven

    I ask you all afford me some folly to talk of my childhood. I have been realizing some things about such and I'm not sure if 9/11 was something that personally affected me deeply or not. When I first heard of 9/11 I remember hearing another student talking to a teacher. We were, at that point...
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    Small Pic Dump

  3. C4K3

    MERRY CHRISTMAS 2022! and post a Christmas song.

    Last week my immediate family was trying to remember what gifts were given in the later parts of this song. This song makes me recall elementary school... interestingly, perhaps Thanksgiving and Christmas were celebrated at once? Regardless, blessings!
  4. C4K3


    Trying to remember Biblical teaching on angels... the children in Christ (and, I guess, perhaps the meaning was all children), their angels see the Father's face; and the angels in heaven rejoice when one man repents, if I recall; and Jesus questions, Peter?, that he could call legions of...
  5. C4K3

    Existential Horror - or - Brilliant Wonder of God: Brought to you now by network television, through VR!

    I was thinking about Reagan earlier. I've heard some reports that he treated the African American community badly. Any word on that would be interesting.
  6. C4K3

    Existential Horror - or - Brilliant Wonder of God: Brought to you now by network television, through VR!

    And, yes, it's iFunny. To prove this account is not a bot, I'm going to post a video of former President Reagan telling jokes.
  7. C4K3

    Existential Horror - or - Brilliant Wonder of God: Brought to you now by network television, through VR!
  8. C4K3

    Working as a (christian) videogame developer...

    Hey mattxreality, I was just praying for a little work and with you might be an answer. Of recent I've been looking to invest in a game dev for some mutual turnaround. I have to do a little wrangling, but I may have access to a humble amount of cash to put forth. Definitely not quit your job...
  9. C4K3

    Politcal-ish Thread

    I recently enough watched what I think was the first televised debate between JFK and Nixon. JFK seemed the victor, though I... guess I generally somewhat lean right. Nixon was so obvious in trying to play to the center-- which upon reflection and blessing, may not be inherently wrong-- but...
  10. C4K3

    Thoughts Thought of for Thinking in your Thoughts

    "It is more blessed to give than to receive." - Paul, Jesus (Acts 20:35b) "A gift is as a precious stone in the eyes of him that hath it: whithersoever it turneth, it prospereth." (Proverbs 17:8) "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." (Matthew 6:21) Good night! C4K3
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    My investing thoughts.

    I came here to update myself in case anyone were watching, and were, for some reason, taking my information seriously. Upon looking at Dollar General, I did initially have some misgivings about their debt ratio.
  12. C4K3

    My investing thoughts.

    Hmm, at first glance Dollar General does seem like a good buy. I'll look into it further. I'll keep that book in mind too. Edit: Just went over the fundamentals, it's pretty solid. I'll keep looking at the SEC filings and I'll make sure there's no pending legislation against it. Thanks for the...
  13. C4K3

    My investing thoughts.

    So I've got about $300 set aside and I want to prove that I can successfully invest it in the stock market. So I've done a little bit of research, found an industry comparison list, and have decided that it's probably for the best for me to invest in Mixed Retailing, Retail, or Retail/Wholesale...
  14. C4K3

    PSA Concerning Certain Conspiracy Theories Being Promoted in High Places...

    Hmmm. I haven't heard anyone talking about this, but I'm not well informed. I'll keep an eye out, thanks...
  15. C4K3

    Introducing Me

    Thank you. And, oh, that's great, in a moment of weakness I sold some spy watches that I would love to have back.
  16. C4K3

    Introducing Me

    Hi. I am C4K3. I enjoyed playing with you all on TF2 last night. It's crazy that this place has been around for 21 years. I desire to be friends with you all, you're nice people. I believe in Jesus and he's saved me from what I once was. That's about it.