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  1. Tek7 (Legacy)

    Greatest Playstation RPGs of all time

    What do you think are the greatest Playstation RPGs of all time? I'm hoping to pick up a Playstation 2 next year, but I plan to pick up a few inexpensive PS1 titles to tide me over until then. Here's a list I've compiled from other online sites: User Favorites Legend of Legaia...
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    My Wii Rocketh

    As stated in other threads, my wife and I are planning to purchase a Wii early next year. I'm very excited about Wii Sports and Wario Ware: Smooth Moves. I've also heard of only one hardware problem with the Wii so far, and since I've only seen one video demonstrating the flaw (a defective disc...
  3. Tek7 (Legacy)

    RSS feed reader with pop-up alerts?

    Anyone know of a RSS feed reader that periodically checks feeds and pops up an alert window when there's an update? It looks like SharpReader and FeedReader will do what I want to do, but are there other options?
  4. Tek7 (Legacy)

    Seeking opinions on external hard drives

    I have to admit, the Passport is looking more and more appealing. 160GB of storage, very portable, and no need for a power adapter. I use an APC Notebook Surge Protector for my notebook and a APC Back-UPS Pro for my desktop PC, cable modem, and router. I don't like using any expensive electronic...
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    PS3, Wii, 360?

    A Nintendo 64 ROM usually weighs in at between 32MB and 64MB. Dreamcast game ISOs are significantly larger. I'd love to see some Dreamcast games ported to the Wii, but I think so many of the quality titles were already ported to the Playstation 2 (Rez comes to mind) that many people aren't...
  6. Tek7 (Legacy)

    Seeking opinions on external hard drives

    Well, here's what I'd like to do with it: Store video (fansubbed anime, television episodes) Store game-related files (patches, mods, maps, etc.) Store install files for security programs (anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall, etc.) Back up critical files Transfer large files using a USB...
  7. Tek7 (Legacy)

    Seeking opinions on external hard drives

    I'm wanting to add a bit of file storage space this holiday season and thought I'd look into external hard drives. I want the drive to have 250GB of storage space or more and be reasonably portable (I plan to take it on trips to visit family). I'd like for it to be able to connect via both...
  8. Tek7 (Legacy)

    PS3, Wii, 360?

    /drool The very idea makes my nerd senses tingle. Unfortunately, the downloads would likely be too large for such a plan to be feasible. A Super Nintendo ROM would likely weigh in at around 3MB, whereas a Dreamcast game could weigh in at around 400-500MB. Wasn't Radiant Silvergun on the...
  9. Tek7 (Legacy)

    Archived threads for Xbox Live Chapter

    If the other players ruined the gameplay experience, maybe coordinating a game night with other ToJ Halo 2 players will renew your love for the game. :)
  10. Tek7 (Legacy)

    PS3, Wii, 360?

    Streets of Rage 3 was cool, but Streets of Rage 2 may very well be the greatest 2D side-scrolling fighter ever made. </offtopic> I recently saw a video of the upcoming Star Wars game for the Wii. The chance to wield a virtual lightsaber is a strong selling point for the console.
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    New Addition to the Family

    DD-WRT custom firmware ftw.
  12. Tek7 (Legacy)

    Training in "Water" from 225-300?

    Looks like Mr. Muggs got into the Burning Crusade beta and leveled his Marketing Bottles of Tap Water from Mom's Faucet skill to 375. I kid, I kid. :D
  13. Tek7 (Legacy)

    PS3, Wii, 360?

    Nintendo: Give us Chrono Trigger for the Wii! ... Oh, and for the Gameboy Advance, as well. *coughn00bscough* :p
  14. Tek7 (Legacy)

    The Fj of old...

    True, DAoC wasn't as shiny as WoW, but the RvR action more than made up for the lack of polish. I even dared to take my level 27 Troll Shaman out to the frontier. I got smeared by higher-level characters, of course, but I had a blast. /nostalgia
  15. Tek7 (Legacy)

    The Fj of old...

    I still chuckle every time I see that screenshot. I can't help but be amused by the fact that Jhostav kneeling is taller than Fjorboug standing. :D By the way, which one of us took that screenie? EDIT: Grats on 500 posts!
  16. Tek7 (Legacy)

    New Addition to the Family

    Hm, I don't know, I was pretty excited when I got my notebook, so I wouldn't say his thread title is immature. :D
  17. Tek7 (Legacy)

    Game night?

    Is it too early for Christmas CS maps?
  18. Tek7 (Legacy)

    Perspective - Holidays 2006

    Parents are spending over $1,000 for Playstation 3 consoles on eBay for their children. Meanwhile... Source: Poverty Facts and States - Global Issues Since Thanksgiving is this Thursday and since most of our forum users live in either the United States or Canada, and with Christmas fast...
  19. Tek7 (Legacy)

    My Wii Experience

    No worries. Let Nintendo work out the first crop of hardware problems and pick up a system at discount in January.