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    servers still up?

    would the server still happen to be up? or not? haha because that address doesn't work for me so i'm just wondering, given i haven't checked back in like a few weeks cause of school
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    I am an admin for this chapter and I have been a member for many years from when a lot of current members were not around and I have noticed a profound change...... referring to the Jfreaks post this is the same but with a twist, I have noticed over time that the chapter has seemed to...
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    Whats the server IP again?

    the one in the faq doesn't work :( wwaahhh lol jk jk but seriously what is it? :p
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    for everyone who tried to visit the site for all us dville boyz eeerrr weeellll someone hacked the hosting site and well yea if anybody wants to see I hope that they fix it soon because I really liked the service and plans :( this suxs.....
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    Server moved where?

    I just read the thread about the server moving and was just wondering if it moved states? company? where? lol sorry if I'm a lil lost and will this move help performance persay register, loss etc.
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    Opinion on Counter-strike source

    I have counter-strike source but I haven't played it in about 4 weeks because I take such a large performance hit while and I also experience some lag hits for no reason.... It got better and some of the errors were fixed with later patches but it still skips around every once inawhile o_O I do...
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    I think an admin banned Crenix ... his name was go!!!! dunno why guess suspicion of hacking but when crenix told the admin that he knew who it was he was promptly banned before Crenix could say his actual game handle.... dunn wanna defend crenix or nething etc. just saying don't think he...
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    Old School ToJ| !!! roll call!!!

    Hiya was sup guys lol Mah name is Killa_s a.k.a. FeAt or my real name is Thomas and I'm startin an old school ToJ roll call...... why you ask? because I was playin on ToJ and Boomerang and Pabei and Frezzer-burn and horza were all on and it was like old times again. Just startin this thread...
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    d00m 3 I'm skeered!!!!

    I just got doom 3 and it's already scared the bejesus outta me!!! the graphics rule but I can only do medium quality the over all game play is awesome to anybody else have opinions comments?
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    A little computer history.....

    seeing all these posts about computer specs letz c what have I gone through.... 486 processor 10 megs of ram ? 100mb hd um dunno rest...:O 100mhz pentium 16 megs of ram 1.9gb hd 14.4 kbps modem generic everything... emachine 533mhz celeron 192 mb ram integrated 4mb graphics dialup...
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    I've dissappeared

    yea I haven't been on in awhile cause well I have no computer until my dad gives it back (took it away) so I'll be hangin around when I can was wonderin how everybodys summer is goin and what ya'll have been doin. I should be back on normally when  I get my computer back cause I kno ya'll missed...
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    I heard something about  american car muscle??

    I remember hearing something about american car muscle :-p and someone posted a camaro beatin like a stock supra :-p well this is my reply to that video! :-p I found on this on the web go scooter power...
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    what kinda computer system ya'll got?

    Just wondering what kind of system my fellow tojer's play on mines a amd athlon xp1900+ shuttle mobo 266fsb 512 ddr sdram gf2mx400 (oc'd) with heatsink and TT fan 40 gig 7200rpm western digital hard drive 15gig 5400rpm maxtor hard drive 52x24x52 liteon cd burner custom case 6 fan...
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    How to sux at cs :) nice little article here

    how to sux at cs haha good stuff ya'll gotta read this......
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    Is it just me or does wireless sux?

    my dad stuck me on the wireless network and every minute and 3 seconds the thing freezes and lags! Then it keeps going like nothing happened. I called linksys tech support and they said to open up some ports but I doubt that's it because it does the same thing on downloads. I need some other...