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  1. djmorphosis

    Prayer Request

    Its been over 6 months since I've checked these forums and man has it been interesting. I figure this is a good place to put this little story although testimonies would have been good to, but I see it as an opportunity for Christ to show his power. I've only made a few posts but those...
  2. djmorphosis


    anyone here play? im using a two week trial and im liken it so far
  3. djmorphosis

    come join us some time

    ne and a friend of mine "da_big_e" have been useing the teamspeak server to play starcraft were usually on between 7-11 pm pacific time when we play so if you see us on come join us.
  4. djmorphosis

    tribal wars

    im not a big fan of browser games but this on caught my eye my usrname is djmorphosis and im in worlds nine and twenty
  5. djmorphosis

    thank the Lord for a new house...

    and for none of use breaking anything during the move:D. My family and i are in chino hills now, a nice little apartment WITH AIR CONDITIONING aw yeah.
  6. djmorphosis


    i had my hard drive wiped due to some problems with my copmputer and behold starcraft works now (is it just me or do xfire and starcraft not agree?) edit: title of thread is spelled finally
  7. djmorphosis


    who do i talk to if i want to give gold/items/crafting materials to the guild? And are there any other guildies with specific roles(loot officer, second in command ect.)
  8. djmorphosis

    looking to party up

    as much of an xbox 360 gamer as i am i try to make time to play GW as it is one of the few games that work on my poor computer:( ive been playing it more and more often and so im lookng for ppl to play with i have factions and nightfall, my main is a lvl 17 ranger/dervish name Dj Morphosis...
  9. djmorphosis

    hardcore christian gamercast

    I wanna ask everybody to check out the Hardcore Christian Gamercast. its a good clean podcast mostly xbox 360 but theres some wii and ps3 to,no pc as yet but I hope to change that :cool: if i put this in the wrong forum please move it.
  10. djmorphosis

    starwars galaxies

    does any one here play it and do you have a guild in it?
  11. djmorphosis

    starcraft trouble

    i saw the starcraft battle chest for $20 so i bought it and put the game on it ran perfectly "16mb of ram required" lol, but now it keeps crashing saying "instuction givin at blahblahblah referenced memory blahblahblah memory could no be read id be greatfull for any advice
  12. djmorphosis

    what to put back

    i recently uninstalled all of my rts games to make room for somme mmos but i still have room for 1 or 2 so if anyone plays 1 of these games ill gladly put it back on: -lord of the rings battle for middle earth -lord of the rings battle for middle earth2 w/ expansion -starwars empire at war...
  13. djmorphosis

    a beta no more

    now that the game has shiped who has it and is playing? please include the name and server of your main char grawlin /dwarf guardian/brandywine server
  14. djmorphosis

    forum wars

    this worked well in my clan's forums so i figured id start one here now to start things off *suspends bomb above the door to this thread so that it drops on the first person that comes in* ~~~~ Mod note: this would probably work better in the CGA General. =)
  15. djmorphosis


    im new to this forum and wanted to say hi to everybody, im already apart of a clan but its mostly xbox and im lookin for some people to game with on pc also
  16. djmorphosis

    need help

    greetings im new here and wanted to know if there was a place to introduce myself. O..and where do i add avatar,sig ,ect