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    where's Waynos (not Waldo)

    Sorry for my lack of activity lately. I am working at a recovery center to help and minister to people in recovery from various addictions. GOD has put it on my heart to use the victory HE gave me and put it to work helping others. I find it easy to relate to people due to being a slave to...
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    updated prayer requests

    Please keep my son "Anthonyluvsgod" in prayer. His blood pressure is back to normal and the swelling in HIS body has gone down. But his kidney functions are not normal and he requires several vital checks per week. My wife as she may need her tonsils out And me as I meet with the board of...
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    Characters Disappeared

    downloaded SWTOR and logged in to find my characters have vanished. can't figure out where they went and how to get them back any ideas?
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    prayer needed

    Need prayers for my son Anthony who is also an LoE member. He was rushed to the hospital this morning with a swollen up face..later discovered he was having kidney failure. At this point they are running lots of tests to find out what is attacking his kidneys. Could be strep virus,lupus or a...
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    Account got hacked

    monday after a busy week i tryed to log in and found out that someone hacked my account. anet got me access to it and it was cleaned out along with the LoE guild bank and my personal guild. tryed to log in today and it said it was banned for botting. i submitted a request to anet to fix it...
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    A quick reminder to those who haven't done it yet. The new website for Legacy of Elijah is Please make sure you sign up so you can stay up to date on our guild events,class advice,prayer requests and bible study. I will announce a reminder in guild chat...
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    Teamspeak Troll isues

    I was in the lions den channel yesterday and a user asked me if I could set a password for CGA's channels to assist with a group of 4 trolls yesterday that were harassing him. I informed him I am just a member and have no authority to kick or ban anyone. But I did direct him to the cga/TOJ...
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    Thank You

    Just wanted to say thanks to Orin and Cam for helping me charm the black widow and the mini's. This morning i charmed the pheonix from killing shiro...but i'm assuming it has to grow to lv20 before it can go into the hall I have about 11 more points to get to hit 30 (my goal) Also if anyone has...
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    Ranger Trapper Build

    ok here is what i came up with (stats and links will be at bottom of post) ALL gear listed to get these stats below is Exotic Note: (better gear such as ascended or Celestial will change stats) Armor = Carrion w/Undead Runes Accessories = Carrion w/Exquisite Chrysocola Jewels Weapons =...
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    Troll Issues

    Just wanted to make it known there have been a few trolls getting on our LoE TS during the day. i do understand these things happen and my only major concern was that there was two LoE Children on at the time not to mention i can't predict what these trolls will say at any given moment. i...
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    Prayer Requests

    here is a few prayer requests that my Mother passed to me. 1. Bill Baldwin his bloodwork shows he has a tumor but the doctors can't find it. He is losing alot of weight and having trouble eating. please pray that when the tumor is located it isn't cancer or if it is cancer that it is the...
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    Death Shroud/Minion Necro

    here is the link to the build i made up. My intention was to keep the benefit of minions without losing too much of the Death Shroud's lol. here is basic setup; Armor = Clerics...
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    soon to be new member

    With cyber Monday coming I can finally put the finishing touches on my son‘s PC without killing my means to pay my bills lol. Then I'll sign him up to TOJ/CGA/LOE. He just turned 14 and seems very excited to Play with his dad. Here is both of our final specs His; Win 8 pro 64 bit...
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    Tech Advice

    Looking for some advice I have a tower fully built It is a 32bit setup. I am looking for a free Operating System I tried Ubuntu but couldn't configure it to my wireless signal. My final intention is to get it setup and donate it to a needy family that I know of. Any ideas on how to...
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    just to let everyone know; the MRI on my liver was done this morning to identify the spot they found so please keep the results in prayer that it is not cancer. i have had several appointments and days of being ill so my in game time has lacked alot. i must say i was able to get on Sunday...
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    Tech issue with my son's PC

    i took my old motherboard and CPU and installed it in my son's case the operating system on this hard drive started as the free windows 8 64 bit preview release. (via USB) i then purchased the $30 upgrade download from microsoft website and made an OS DVD for reinstall/fixes purposes...
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    my birthday present

    just ordered my birthday present thanks to my AWESOME wife ECS A960M-M3 AM3+ AMD 760G Micro ATX AMD Motherboard AMD FX-6300 Vishera 3.5GHz (4.1GHz Turbo) Socket AM3+ 95W Six-Core Processor benchmark is 6,398 My old CPU benchmark is 3,064 AMD Athlon II X3 450 Rana 3.2GHz Triple-Core...
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    Post Patch Phantasm Mesmer

    Found a cool Mesmer Phantasm Build i wanted to share with everyone Key to this build is 59% critical chance and 100% critical damage without ANY buffs!!!!! those are the numbers you start with before any buffs or bonuses!!!! BREAKDOWN: Armor- Berserkers Runes- Scholar (Ruby Orbs are a cheap...
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    Is your lunch safe?

    Keep your lunch safe with the latest anti theft technology
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    Is your lunch safe?

    Keep your lunch safe with the latest anti theft technology