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    Last week=Spring Break Troll Week?

    I went from gold 2 to gold 5 last week 90% due to trolls, I have now won 13/15 games since spring break ended. Was it just me or were a ton of people trolling on spring break?
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    NS2 half off on Steam today.

    Self explanatory :)
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    Pray that I make my 3/5 silver 1 series to get gold plz

    After 5 days of ranked 95 LP in silver 1, i qualifed for my series, plz pray i get this so i can finally relax <3
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    How to become infinitely better at LoL (basically for 30s only)

    So I consider myself a pretty decent player, but I would still be 50/50 win losses in ranked due to my teammates being mediocre/feeders/trolls ect. Then I learned to jungle, now I have gone from silver 5 to silver 2 in about 1 week. My advice? Learn to jungle, not with Amumu, since he is...
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    PC Gamer debates LoL v DOTA2

    Good read, I agree with LoL being best
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    Tera Online is now free to play! (100% free)

    I just installed it and got to lvl 9, did the research, 100% free to play now, there is a cash shop, but nothing mandatory or necessary! I'm on the server Lake of Tears :)
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    X and Y!
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    WvW status of SoR?

    Hey all, I am on Crystal Desert, but all my RL buddies quit GW2, so I am possibly going to hop over to you guys :) What is the state of WvW for you all, are you usually winning with dynamic WvW? Basically, how is that going for you guys? -ALF/Bunny Mcduckface (Asura Thief)
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    So LoL committed suicide...

    I've played LoL since S1, I love the simplicity of the gameplay, the teamfights, and the items. I was very excited when Valve announced DOTA 2, got into the beta and ended up hating the game due to the drastic amount of utility items and such. LoL just decided they want to do a "do over" and...
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    3DS Christmas Bundle

    So my wife loves her some Mario and I finally got her a 3ds, at Fry's Electronics they have a bundle in stores and on their website that gets you a red "classic" 3ds, preinstalled with Super Mario 3D Land for $145 bucks, which is basically buying a 3DS for 100 bucks, pretty crazy sale imo. If...
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    Soooo.... the state of ranked right now

    So I went down 100 elo in about 3 days purely due to trolls, for example: 1) Leblanc Mid, ends a 40 minute game with 52 cs 2) A gragas who farmed mid, never left the lane, and ended with 0 5 0 3) Jungler Gangplank, afks at start of game, hands first blood by invading team, proceeds to KS...
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    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, excitement. Annndddd its gone....

    So they finally announced Monster Hunter for 3ds, rejoice, then this. I don't understand....
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    3ds XL dissapoints...

    nuff said
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    Skyrim, and how PC just won the war.

    Christian Discalimer I am a 24 year old seminary student getting my M.Div. Skyrim contains content that can be sexual (I have not seen this nor intend to) as well as a system of demons and gods, as well as magic. This system of demons and gods I can see as a good way to fill out a set of...
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    A warning before you buy...

    I was in an alpha testing group for SWTOR a long while back and tested Korriban, I knew the game would be a WoW version of KotOR. I ended up buying it at launch, got my Bounty Hunter to level cap, ran a few "heroics" as a tank, then quit the game 4 hours after hitting cap. The biggest...
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    Dungeon Defenders?

    Hey all, I play a ton of Dungeon Defenders, to buy it now with all content I think its around 40 bucks (ignoring costume only DLC) Its an amazing Download only title with hours and hours of play! If anyone plays already, please add me on steam! rumorsofcake (shows as ALF)
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    3DS price increase March 2013

    Nintendo has admitted to selling the 3DS at a loss, and starting in March of 2013, they will be upping the price to make profits. (source, Engadget)
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    Add Hakunamateo

    Hey all, I'm ALF, been playing TF2 n L4D with tek for a while now, if anyone plays seriously, and somewhat competitively (I have silver frame from s1) please shoot me a friend request and lets roll some games! Strengths: Ahri Lux Tris Teemo (but he needs buffs) Mundo Nasus AP Nidalee...