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    Wiring, wireless, automating homes, etc?

    Hey all, I was curious on this with some questions. I know age-wise we skew a little older but with that is all of the rights, responsibilities and cool things we can purchase and do in our homes XD That being said, are any of you using NEST or home automation things? Echo dots? Alexa...
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    Call For Streamers

    We are excited to announce that we are looking for regular Twitch streamers to broadcast to the Christian Gamers Alliance Twitch channel at We are hoping to help build the community, create involvement opportunities, and minister to the gaming...
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    anyone do the modded minecraft? We are working on FTB infinity evolved and I've got to say, I like it a lot
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    There I fixed it?

    Hey All, One thing that has been brought up before is.... a lot of us have actually grown up and have apartments and houses..... that being said, instead of c02 cooled computers or other electronic mechas in our 1 bed room, we have a whole home to think about...... and as christians.... we...
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    BLACK FRIDAY / Cyber Monday - Amazon Link

    Hey All, I know this is a big part of the year where we buy things and I've noted that the deals are kinda lame this year too T___T BUT!!!!!!!!!!! If you are going to buy something, then go ahead and use the CGA Amazon Link...
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    Needing new chair... recommendations?

    Hey All... Sooooo recently I quit my job to work full time from home........................................................... THUS! my awesome and comfortable yet pad disintegrating, fake leather peeling, extreme leaning, ergonomic breaking, 12 year old chair has become very uncomfortable...
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    Whatcha Reading these days?

    I know we all read to a good extent, but what have you been reading lately? I picked up, mans search for meaning and its been super intense..... Also trying to work through, the compound effect The boron letters anyone else/>?
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    Best Phone apps for accessing forums?

    Or would it be possible for us to make our own? Having it in the Itunes store, Google Store and Windows phone stores are basically search engines to try and bring us more traffic... Thoughts?
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    Newb questions

    Best healers? What are dungeons? Anything like Sorrows Furnace in GW1? Are there even collectors in this game? What exactly are traits? I really like dailies! Armor? Anything we should be doing except just equiping what we find?? Hall of heros? Just skins? OR?
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    CS 1.6 / source / Go ? Christmas Server? :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused: Eh? :D
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    possibly unreasonable Hardware Suggestion request

    Hey All, So I am looking at building a new pc, first time in 5-6 years and I have weird requirements. I am wanting a gaming machine of course, because starcraft 2 on low-med graphics is lame and my two graphics cards are over-heating even with awesome cooling (Geforce 7950 2x and a 8600...
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    [WTT] for Age of Empires II HD

    Hey soooo..... I've missed all the sales for age of empires and I would love to get a copy. but I also am too cheap to buy it at $20 :( Would anyone be interested in the following? FEZ Dungeon Defenders Critter crunch closure chantelise king arthur II the role playing war game...
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    Best credit score watching service?

    Hey All, So about six months ago my backpack was stolen with my laptop, checkbook, and business filing paperwork that had my social security number on it. I promptly froze my credit with the three agencies and i havent noticed anything whacko or my laptop on craigslist/ebay I'm...
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    The CGA Astore is back

    Hey All, Summary: New Amazon Affiliate Store link! General Shopping URL Forgive me if it is bare right now, Please purchase amazon gift cards as they do give the highest payback for us, but please continue to make requests here :) Details: Since Amazon closed our Affiliate store...
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    [WTB] Anyone have any ddr2 laptop ram?

    So I have a new to me Gateway 285 E since my last one was stolen this was my replacement and I thought it would be easier to find ram than some of ebays prices and was wondering if anyone had any extra 533 or 667 MHz DDR2...
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    Vision needed

    Hey all, So I love my job, i love my co-workers, I get bored easily with the work but I'm always busy. I do IT and international marketing. Our IT director for the department notified me a couple days ago that since I'm in a different building and he isnt able to micromanage me like his...
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    Computer parts?

    Hey all, Soo..... through a series of stuff, I purchased an am3 board on accident instead of am3+, but I dont mind too much cept I'm a cheapskate who needs a pc :( Does anyone have a am3 proc and ddr3 ram I could purchase from anyone? I've looked through ebay a lot and havent noticed...
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    Amazon Store - Support CGA!

    Hi Guyz! We're still running the store! You should shop! Make Requests! I can either individually link here or if it will be a popular item - add it to the store! BUY NOW!
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    Dont forget! We have a men's forum :) you should join it or drop in sometime :D

    Well the subject line says a lot but I think in our time, day, age - even with all of the resources available, that real relationship and sharing still needs to occur and that we've missed some part of it in our general humanity and busyness. I would really encourage you to hop in and join up...
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    Theme Challenge!!!!! Bring theme suggestions here!

    HAI GUYZ! I thought it would be good to pull some stuff into a new thread - So here is how I'm hoping to help facilitate and make Teks and others jobs easier - First off: Please post the theme you like best! a link to it and a picture so we can quick look at it. Second I will...