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  1. Hescominsoon

    apologies for downtime

    I had a software problem take the hosting serfice offline. I ahve restored the database to what was present as of about 7pm this evening.
  2. Hescominsoon

    recent downtime

    Shared hosting can be tricky at times. You do everything to isolate accounts from each other..then you have an edge case that blows everything's my recent edge's repaired now..but it also shows why constant vigilance is always required...
  3. Hescominsoon

    Recent Outage

    The webserver that hosts this and other sites upderwnet a replacement. The main reason was an internet connection upgrade. From 50megabits to 400 or more megabits. the hardware is slightly better..but it was the connection speed i was going for. Let me know if there's any problems. The site...
  4. Hescominsoon

    It may be time to get off Discord Basiclaly they are saying racism is institutional. I would say be expecting them to start deplatforming groups like ours in the near future. I have a server in my datacenter that has more than enough capcity to allow CGa to...
  5. Hescominsoon

    Short Server outage

    Short downtime due to Datacenter maintenance
  6. Hescominsoon

    Holy Server Failure!

    Well the upgrade/replacement of web1 finally came crashing down and left a smoking crater in it's wake. Luckily I ad a second webserver, web3, with only a few domains on it as a standby. Utilizing my own backup system I moved all of the accounts from web1 to web3. If you can see this dns has...
  7. Hescominsoon

    Server problems

    The new server is dying...and we do not know if it is hardware or software. right now the server is uploading at 10 megabits and below..sometimes as low as 2 megabits. This weekend we are going to try dumping hte server and reloading it. If that fails i am going to revert back to the previous...
  8. Hescominsoon

    small upcoming outage

    I am going to be doing a hardware upgrade to the webserver that powers the site tomorrow at noon to about 2pm. i am switching the server form hard drives to SSD's. This came together at the last minute so i apologize for the short notice. William Warren
  9. Hescominsoon

    Small outage

    I had a server update decide to go through and muck up the webserver config files for most of the sites on this mahcine. This crached the Apache webserver and i had to hand edit every single site's config files to remove the trash the update added AFTER the update also change the operation mode...
  10. Hescominsoon

    Webhosting Status

    If you ever want to keep tabs on your hosting is the twitter feed for those status reports:
  11. Hescominsoon

    A long journey leads to a chnage in business focus

    I had a conversation with my closest earthly friend on the phone tonight about my change in business focus. He asked me one question that hit home: do you have a peace about this decision? The answer is YES!. I am going to focus on the webhosting now and not grow my consulting any longer...
  12. Hescominsoon

    maintenance on cga forums scheduled soon

    The server that hosts the forums is going to go offline in about 40 minutes. I am making the final backup right now. The outage is expected to last form 8pm eastern to midnight eastern. Any posts made past this point may not be carried into the backup. Sincerely,] William Warren
  13. Hescominsoon

    Bragging on me a bit from Tek

    Tek just gave me a testimonial about what i did when i had to move CGA from their old dedicated server to my hosting service. I do not give myself a shout often..but this time..i can spare it and not get my head inflated..:)...
  14. Hescominsoon expired

    Hey could someone let your guild leader know your domain is expired?
  15. Hescominsoon

    CGA Site Performance

    I have not heard form anyone of performance problems but I wanted to check in with the community to double check. CGA has a rather large footprint but with the Xenforo software package the resource usage was and continues to be astonishingly low. Feel free to pm me if you notice any kind of...
  16. Hescominsoon

    New Firefox Out. How does it do against Chrome? The Mozilla Foundation has released their new Firefox with multi-process capabilities. This means Firefox should take better advantage of today’s computer hardware, namely the multi-core CPUs that are omnipresent in just about all machines less than 3 years...
  17. Hescominsoon

    Site speed...holy schnikies!

    I knew Xenforo was fast but once i saw it at it's new home it's stupidly quick. I am curious how everyone else thinks the site "feels" since the move to the new server?
  18. Hescominsoon

    The Saga of the CGA Server Move

    This is long so be prepared to read..:) Tek got a hold of me and asked if i could take a look at the now old CGA server. he thought that there were some issues but wasn't sure and figured it needed to be looked at closely. I let him know that I would work on it in my spare time to keep the...
  19. Hescominsoon

    The Cloud Cleared Out..An Outsiders View of the Amazon Outage

    I made a video that I explain this Amazon outage that affected the east coast to night. I tired to keep it understandable for non-techies..:)
  20. Hescominsoon

    CGA Server Maintenance starting 12/1 at 10 a.m. Eastern

    Tek has given my permission to start working on the CGA Server so here goes: The server that runs the CGA forums needs some major work. I am going to start the process of updating all of the operating system software and the other background applications this upcoming Thursday, Dec 1, 2016 at...