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  1. Jethiel


    Happy New Year everyone! Only a day late but it's still better than never. God's richest blessings on you all this new year and may we all seek and see Him in deeper ways. Joe
  2. Jethiel


    So, is anyone actually participating in Movember? My wife refuses to allow me to which kinda irks me so I just wanted to see if we have any other brave individuals. And if so, are you raising money as well?
  3. Jethiel

    Playerscore/Gearscore addon lagging

    Hey everyone, I was having major issues every time that I would open my character window and started pruning through my whole list of addons to find out which one was the culprit - hence the name of the thread. If anyone else has this issue I'd highly recommend disabling or uninstalling this...
  4. Jethiel

    Firelands Raid for another Legendary

    Hey everyone! I am on the seething embers stage of the legendary quest line and have wanted to make it through the whole thing. Problem is that there doesn't seem to be any runs going whenever I've been online, and I have inquired in trade chat. So, I was thinking of drumming up interest in...
  5. Jethiel

    Merry Christmas

    Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all the Forgiven! May God bless you all with His presence and His joy this season as we remember the birth of our Saviour. May we all grow closer to the Father's heart and each other this upcoming year!
  6. Jethiel

    Who is this Jethiel?

    Hey Hey! Just to clear a tiny bit of confusion my forum name has now been officially changed from my very old Tribforce handle of [7F]EhUd into Jethiel (which almost everyone in game knows me by anyways). Many thanks to Lloren for completing this transaction and I can now continue to goof...
  7. Jethiel

    Arcane Mage

    Here is how to play an arcane mage: Hit "1" until your fingers break. Pound that key while you watch Gilligan's Island re-runs in the background. Forget where any other powers are in your set up and complain about dying by some coincidental way when you find yourself in a faceplant and...
  8. Jethiel

    Coren Direbrew - fastest run?

    Had a pretty funny convo with Sam yesterday about how fast we've been able to get Coren down and it kinda peaked my interest. Now I just want to get a good group together and see how fast we can down the filthy bugger! Fastest I have him at right now is 28 seconds...and Sam has him down at...
  9. Jethiel

    Spirit Break Out

    Hey everyone, Bit of a shameless plug here but just wanted to mention a worship album that just came out that is incredible. It's called "Spirit Break Out" and has my mate Tim Hughes along with other leaders for Holy Trinity Brompton (starting church of Alpha program) on the album. It is...
  10. Jethiel

    Fail PUG - 8/30 & 9/1

    Just wanted to give advanced notice that I will not be available for the raid for both Tuesday the 30th and Thursday Sept 1. I will actually be afk for the whole week as my parents are coming to visit. Both mine and my wife's family live quite far away so it's a real treat when we have family...
  11. Jethiel

    Every geek needs these in their car

    I need more dice For those of you wanting to update your fuzzy dice hanging from your mirror...
  12. Jethiel

    Fail PUG Thursday, August 11

    I just got a call that one of my good friends just got admitted into the hospital with severe back pains. Our men's group is going over to pray for him tonight @ 8pm so I will probably be several minutes late (I live 10 minutes from the hospital). Please pray with us for God to heal him...
  13. Jethiel

    Firelands Trash Run 6/29/11

    Hey everyone, I posted on the in game calendar; just trying to coordinate a run (or several groups) to work on trash in Firelands. To be somewhat fair to those that want to be at least a fair bit successful I am suggesting an ilvl cap of 355 - hope to see you all there!
  14. Jethiel

    Recruit a Friend

    Is it just me or is this still possible to find and try out? Different sites that I have tried to use as a 'dummy's guide' all refer to worldofwarcraft[dot]com which just goes to Battle[dot]net. I'm really confused because I thought that RAF was still possible so any help would be greatly...
  15. Jethiel

    Prayer for a good friend

    Hey everyone, Just asking for prayer for a dear friend - his name is John-Murdo. He is originally from Scotland and was a minister there for quite a few years before moving to Canada 4 years ago. Back in Scotland his Father is severely ill ( which is stress enough) but he just received word...
  16. Jethiel

    Interest in Heroic LK?

    Hello there TF, Wanted to gauge interest if we can get a group together to take down the LK in heroic mode. This definitely isn't as easy as it sounds - please take some time to watch the tankspot video as the mechanics are still vital in success in this fight. Please also post which...
  17. Jethiel

    Overachiever addon

    This is a great, great addon! Any time anyone gets an achievement you just scroll over it and it automatically lets you know if you have it (and shows what day you got it) or if you still need to get it. No trying to scroll through your lists trying to find it wherever it may be hiding. Also...
  18. Jethiel

    Raiding first for TF - Joe just being Joe

    I know logistically it probably wouldn't work, but would you guys consider maybe for just a one week raid cycle of combining both 10 mans and trying to attempt a run in 25 man? With the amount of bosses that some of us subs have seen I think we could actually make a go of this. Number 1 issue...
  19. Jethiel

    Mount and companion tracking

    Just wondering if anyone uses an addon for tracking mounts/pets acquired and lacking? I've tried "Collect Me" and "MountainOmounts" but they both are outdated and do not work. Problem is that both of them were the highest recommended to use and I can't get either to work.
  20. Jethiel

    My current addons - and yours?

    I have been trying to go through and delete the addons that I have no use for...I think I am a bit of an addon-junkie though. :D you will notice that I no longer use a UI mod anymore. Though I loved Spartan I don't find a UI addon a necessity after deciding to go without. Even though the...