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  1. Soulivium

    Poll: Thoughts on Creating TOJ Discord Category/Channels Within CGA?

    Hi all! There have been a few conversations regarding to the nature of whether a TOJ category or channels of some sort should have a place in the CGA Discord server. I figured it would be a good idea to start that conversation here. Responding to this poll would be appreciated, but I would also...
  2. Soulivium

    RSVP for the Spring 2020 Warframe Commencement Ceremony!

    In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted to take the time to find a way to celebrate my sister's academic achievements along with the class of 2020! Please contact Soulivium in the CGA forums or Discord to RSVP either as a 2020 graduate or as a general guest. There is a limited space of 50...
  3. Soulivium

    Tips for New Warframe Players

    Top 10 Tips for New Players As much as I love Warframe, the game admittedly has a significant barrier to entry for new players. There's so much content yet arguably little direction on understanding the basic mechanics of the game or how to progress. They speak a different language when it...
  4. Soulivium

    Share Your Warframe Builds!

    Got a swag build that makes your Warframe tanky, stealthy, or super-stronk? Share them here! To clarify, the purpose of this thread isn't so much about who has the best build but rather to help give each other ideas on where to start on a Warframe's build and how to improve our own current...
  5. Soulivium

    General Discussion [Warframe]

    Welcome to Warframe Chapter Forums! In Warframe, you are a space ninja warrior who just woke up after centuries of slumber. With Lotus as your guide, you reawaken and fight enemies from different factions that threaten the Solar System. Pick up your guns and blades, and dare to bullet jump...
  6. Soulivium

    I Feel Like a Jumbled Mess Inside

    Hi everyone. Apologies for the long rant. Lately, I've been feeling depressed, tired, and stressed. And I've been going through a lot of personal long-term family issues that I don't feel comfortable sharing here. I'm not quite sure if these emotions are something temporary, but it's a...