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  1. [7F]LarryBoy

    This should be a good shot of nostalgia for some of our members
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    Mix Master

    Valkridie and I are using our non-Heroic running WoW time to farm herbs and make flasks for the Mix Master achievement. This achievement unlocks the Cauldron of Battle recipe for alchemists, which will really help reduce the number of flasks that our raid groups need to have made each week...
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    Spec's Mess: A guild progression raid

    This thread is for information related to the 10 man guild raid I am leading. When: Thurs/Sat evenings 8-11pm MST Who: Speculaas, Kemikalrx, Ruinblade, Esua, Valkridie, Meeno, Cardol, Clearn, Wend, Terilan. Required mods/software: Deadly Boss Mods or similar. For loot I'm hoping that we can...
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    Looking for an Excellent Melee DPS or Healer for raids

    Hi all, I'm looking for an excellent melee dps or non-priest healer that can raid on Thursday and Saturday nights from 8-11pm, server time (MST). This is a guild progression run. I expect you to know your class and spec through and through, be properly gemmed and enchanted, and have a...
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    Funny title for killing Maloriak on Heroic Funny temporary title...
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    Rare World Bosses/Spawns/Pets in Cataclysm

    MMO-Champion has a nice write-up on the rare mobs that you can find in the new zones:
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    Facebook Connections Map the World Pretty neat.
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    Gearing up for Raids

    So you've just hit 85 and want to get raid-ready, but you're not sure where to start? Keep reading! 1. Set your last talent points and train your level 85 ability. Maybe you want to respec out of a leveling build into a dungeon-oriented build. 2. Pick some lvl 346 gear from the Justice Points...
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    War Games

    Blizzard has come up with this idea of War Games for PvP...basically practice matches that can be played against random or set opponents:
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    Raiding with the Guild: Some Expectations and Looking Forward

    I know Cataclysm raiding is a few weeks off yet, but I wanted to start talking now about the guild's plans for raids, and to try a bit to form expectations around raiding. Breaking Old Habits For the last few years, there has been a bad habit in the guild that we need to break if we are...
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    Guild Perks and Rewards

    In Cataclysm, guilds themselves will gain XP and levels. Each level comes with a perk, and unlocks special guild member-only rewards. Wowpedia has a full write up here, along with details on rewards: EDIT: In the section on rewards purchasable from the...
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    The World Reborn

    New Cataclysm preview video. If this doesn't make you geek out, there is no hope for you.
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    MMO-Champion on Hardware

    MMO-C has started a new feature - reviewing hardware setups for those looking at upgrading their machines. Here's a link: Those with more hardware experience can probably say how spot-on their...
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    Ho ho ho

    Ho ho ho, new forums!
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    Yet Another Level of Account Security From Blizzard

    Presenting the Dial-In Authenticator:
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    Preview of the new World of Warcraft community website

    Looks pretty slick: This also includes a new armory, which looks outstanding:
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    World of Warcraft: Cataclysm digital download now available for preorder/download The Cataclysm Digital Pre-Sale is now available on the EU and US official sites.
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    Campaign Countdown

    With elections coming up rapidly in the States, Mark Steyn has written a series of essays on the key issues facing voters. For us Canadians, this doesn't have an immediate effect, but what happens in the States certainly has an impact on us. Have a read! Mark Steyn is a Canadian writer...
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    [Resto Shaman] Stat allocation thoughts

    So I had a chance to do some raiding on my shaman last night, first chance after the patch. Prior to the raid I had converted a bunch of haste over to Mastery, mostly on a whim. My experience last night was that mana is still not really an issue. I will probably just end up spamming a lot of...
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    Patch 4.0.1 Questions

    If you have questions about the 4.0.1 patch, please post in here, and I or other knowledgeable folk will do our best to answer. HUUUUUUGE post on a lot of 4.0.1 info can be found here: