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  1. JohnD

    So long all.

    I wanted to let you folks know how much I enjoyed playing WoW with you. Just a wonderful guild!!!. My subscription runs out this month and since I have not been playing hardly at all, I am going to let it lapse. With happy memories, John D.
  2. JohnD

    Cross Realm Raiding

    Well, we tried inviting a friend from another realm to our ToT normal raid the other night thinking that it might work since patch 5.2 was released. No joy though. It still did not work. I found the following posts. Evidently it works on older raids, just not the newest ones. Anyone have...
  3. JohnD

    Disabling combat text on Blizz Unitframes

    I have been using the Blizz UI mostly with just a few addons. One thing that bugs me is the combat text (damage and healing) that pops up on the player and pet unit frames. Sometimes I want to see my pets health and this combat text tends to obscure this. I could find no way to disable this...
  4. JohnD

    The Final Power

    Just got exalted with the Golden Lotus this morning and there is more to it than just some vanity items and a tabard. It opens up some more quests, the last of which is "The Final Power". It is a really nice solo boss fight where you actually have to pay attention to the mechanics to complete...
  5. JohnD

    Inline Auras and the Spine of Deathwing

    I have been using the Inline Auras addon for a long time with no problems to monitor my DoTs and procs. It works great on all the boss fights that I have come across except the Spine of Deathwing. Here the timers and auras are just absent. I can sometimes get them back with a reload of the...
  6. JohnD

    Ultraxion Fading Light

    I could tell when I was getting Fading Light during the Ultraxion fight, but I was having a hard time finding and seeing the duration. To make it very obvious I installed Powerauras and set it up for Fading Light. Tried it out on Ultraxion for the 1st time last night and it worked great. Now I...
  7. JohnD


    Well found this on the net. I'll try this next time. "Bane of Havoc is very important for destro in this fight because of the fact that Magmaw, and Magmaw's head are considered 2 different mobs. This means that Bane of Havoc (if up on Magmaw when his head is impaled by the spike) will...
  8. JohnD

    4.0.6 talent tree change

    Blizz changed the warlock destruction tree (swapped Improved Soulfire and Aftermath). Unfortunately they did not offer a free respec. Had to spend gold to get my Improved Soulfire back. :-(
  9. JohnD

    Overlapping Nameplates

    Before 4.0.1 there used to be an option that allowed you to select either overlapping or non-overlapping nameplates. That option seems to have disappeared. It seems to default now to non-overlapping nameplates. I noticed in a raid this evening that this caused the nameplates to be all over...
  10. JohnD

    Omnotron and DoTs

    Thought maybe my DoTs might be contributing to triggering the shield on the bosses. I have been letting them timeout and not refreshing if boss energy is < 60%. I found several posts on the net that said they dont trigger the shield and just not to refresh the dot last second. Others that said...
  11. JohnD

    Orecrusher Prospecting Addon

    Just found this addon to help optimize making gold with prospecting/disechanting/JCing. It looks very promising!
  12. JohnD

    Internet in Canada

    A question for all the Canadians in the guild. I heard on the radio this morning that in Canada they are going to start charging by the gigabyte for internet server next month. True?
  13. JohnD

    Cataclysm Raid Videos has some nice videos on Cataclysm raids. Love the guys accent.
  14. JohnD

    Quest Problem

    I have been leveling Golias in Vashj'ir. A good place once I got used to the three dimensional nature of the place and got the incredibly fast seahorse mount. There was one quest though that gave me fits and was very frustrating at first. This quest, "To Arms!" is a gathering quest that...
  15. JohnD

    Cataclysm Links

    Here are a couple of links for Cataclysm info that I found. They are pretty nice so I thought I would share them. General information This one has a nice video on how to find the new dungeon entrances which you have to find on your...
  16. JohnD

    4.0.1 Dps increase ?

    Is anyone else seeing substantial dps increases. My warlock, Golias, went from about 6500 dps to 8500 dps on the stormwind practice dummy. Dps in heroics is also substantially increased. I have not had a chance yet to see how he does in a raid.
  17. JohnD

    Blizzard Unit frames

    Well grid finally got updated and I have it all set up again. Only one problem. I cant figure out how do get rid of the stock Blizzard party/raid frames without installing another addon (Pitbull in this case). Does anyone know a way to hide the stock Blizzard party/raid without having to...
  18. JohnD

    EoF and EoT Changes in Cataclysm

    Someone mentioned the other day that there are currency changes coming in Cataclysm. I was wondering what happens with EoF and EoT then. Well, here is what I found so far.
  19. JohnD

    My Addons

    I am an addonaholic. I have almost as much fun messing with my UI as it is playing the game, lol. If anyone has any addon suggestions, just post them. I always love exploring the addons. Well anyway, here is a list of the addons that I use and an annotated screenshot of what things look...