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    Roper and Relient K...

    Both recently came out with new CDs! I don't have either yet, but I really want both of them. About Roper: I loved Five Iron Frenzy, and Brave Saint Saturn, Reese's voice is very good, I like the song Amplify, you can check out clips and stuff at . About Relient K: Truly...
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    Hey! You deleted the Q3 board!

    I don't really want it back because I never post there, but I just recently posted on the pent-b-gone pentagram remover thread requesting that somebody help me out by sending the patch to Killerah [AT] gmail [DOT] com that would be greatly apprecieated. I was thinking about getting the game...
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    Post your the sizes of your media folders.

    I use Winamp 5 for everything. I have 7.5 gigs of music (mostly Christian, some video game), and 14.7 gigs of video files.
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    Gamespy preview on Elder Scrolls IV!

    Here's the preview! Look at this screen! Check out the bump mapped sword, and what looks like fully rendered mountians in the distance! This game is going to be epic! Too bad it'll be after 2005 when it comes out . Oh well, I waited a year for HL2, I can wait a little longer for this game! I...
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    Wireless Woes!

    Aurgh! I have a wireless card, and every once in say 45 minutes I will get disconnected from the network, all my downloads will stop, and I have to restart them, and if I'm playing a game I'll most likely end up dropping out of the server because of it! Is there any way around this? Or should I...
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    A band you're bound to hate!!! !BNB! All Stars! Nobody has probably ever heard of them. I like em, they have a really immature sense of humor which can be quite funny at times.
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    Cool band I just discovered.

    Check them out! I love their style, I especially like the songs "Bad Marriage" and "Head in a Cloud" They're a Christian band, but I haven't heard them talking about God in any of their songs. Nevertheless, they rock. Apparently they broke up a while ago...
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    Get yourself a free ipod! Check it out, just use the link I gave you to complete one of the offers (I chose ancestry because it's free, and you can just cancel it over the phone once the offer is completed), and get 5 of your friends to do the same and walah! Free...
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    Post your stats!

    I thought this would be kinda fun. Not very good, but that's because I've been playing straight up DM online recently to sharpen my skillz! (and MAN are the people who play that good!) And not much time spent cause I've been playing...
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    Hey! Put Knoppix in the download area!

    Knoppix is linux that runs off a disc! it's really cool, nobody should be witout it, it's very handy. It's free/legal cause it's linux, and it doesn't use your HD for anything (at least, it doesn't leave anything on your HD)! It's extremely cool and everyone should get it. go here...
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    Can we set a time...

    when we all get on the server and play? On a dailyish basis? I like toj cause it's christian, and I hate going onto servers where there are people with racist names, yelling the F-word in the voice chat every 2 seconds! But I haven't played on the toj server yet cause no one's ever on! So I was...
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    Christian UT2004 clan?

    Does anyone know of one? I would like to join one. UT2004 is IMO the best online game ever (and the best value in a game)!
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    Dungeon Siege II site is up! check it out, new screens and they say that Gamespy will be getting some exclusive info soon! WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! cool stuff.
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    Who here plays DDR?

    I love it, I use stepmania an EMS USB2 adapter and 2 ignition v2 pads I got off ebay. I did buy DDRMAX for PS2 (which came with 2 junky pads that died fairly quickly), but you can't get new songs for that . The new A15 of stepmania has a little online/LAN support. Coolness.
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    oh no! the HL2 source has been leaked!

    this is dire news indeed. there is all sorts of suff about this on (very good website)Half-life very sad.