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  1. Arkanjel

    New Expansion Announced!

    Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath Here is a blurb from the newsletter: No release date that I could find.
  2. Arkanjel

    RTS Section Leader needed

    Greetings CGA'ers I'm writing this post to inform you of my intention to step down from the position of RTS Section Leader. At this time in my life I have way to many outside things going on for me to be effective at all in this position. Also we are expecting our 3rd daughter in the...
  3. Arkanjel


    Finally some time, OUT OF TOWN, and not just away from work. Im heading to my hometown in the Sunshine State and will be going to a Birthday party/ Family Re-union. My grandmother is turning 90! W00t for her! Ill get the exact number of grandkids and great-grandkids and great-great-grandkids she...
  4. Arkanjel

    Debate evolves into religious discussion

    Have you fellow CGA'ers been paying attention to those who want to be president? Debate evolves into religious discussion I read through this article and was astounded by it. Basically none of the "conservative" types will own up to believing in a "literal" 6-day creation. Ill pull some...
  5. Arkanjel

    Custom signatures disappear?

    If I made you a custom signature and it disappeared, its because I cleaned out my Imageshack account that had all that stuff in it. If you need the files again I can email you the originals. Just let me know. :)
  6. Arkanjel

    Bee's disappearing...Part 2

    A while back I started a thread about the bee's that were disappearing. Most everyone seemed to poopoo the idea and chalked it up to something being blown out of proportion or alarmist. So now that this...
  7. Arkanjel

    A couple things for me...

    First off a prayer request and praise... My Dad has been in Australia since the end of March on business. He is in the process of making / designing a new machine that uses ozone to clean stuff in food processing applications. Praise is its going great and they expect to start production...
  8. Arkanjel

    Best line from the campaigns?

    SpOiLeR AlErT !!! \/ \/ I have been playing through both campaigns. I finished the GDI and I'm about halfway through NOD. The cut scenes that move the story along can be quite good. So far my favorite is when Kane loses it after being betrayed. "I WASN"T EXPECTING TO BE ATTACKED BY MY...
  9. Arkanjel

    My Monday Night

    My Monday night started like any other. I was sitting at the computer waiting for 24 to come on. While I was sitting there I smelled what I thought was someone burning a campfire. I decided to get up and check it out since its not something you smell very often. I followed my nose to the...
  10. Arkanjel

    ToJ C&C3 Member Roster

    Hey C&C3 folks If you are a member or want to become a member, please post your info here. Thanks Mine: Arkanjel
  11. Arkanjel

    Call for Recruiters!

    Ive posted a thread in the RTS section for recruiters for C&C3. If anybody is interested please apply there!
  12. Arkanjel


    If anybody would like to do some recruiting for C&C3 please let me know. The game is hot off the presses and gaining momentum so we need to strike while the iron is hot! :D
  13. Arkanjel

    Crystal Cave of the Giants - Discovery of the Largest Crystals on Earth

    Some pretty amazing pictures!
  14. Arkanjel

    Are you prepared? (Bee's Disappearing Act)

    Its always good to be prepared, especially in this day and age we are experiencing. However here is something I kinda doubt you have heard about. This comes from a blog post on Please head over and check out the blog and see how to be prepared in case of...
  15. Arkanjel

    When Nations Die

    I read this excerpt this morning and thought it should be shared. This comes from my weekly K-House eNews letter. Which you can get from the website. Take from it what you will, but it is pretty much on target in my opinion.
  16. Arkanjel

    (1=2.5 / 2=1 / 3=October) = ?

    Confused? My first daughter is a little older than 2 1/2 Today is my second daughters first birthday! Happy Birthday Ava! And we are expecting baby number three in early October! My oh my what a year this will be. :D
  17. Arkanjel

    Pray for my people!

    Hey folks, Yes these are my people, this is where I was born and raised. By now you should all know about the storms that went through central Florida, if not, then crawl out from under your rock. To see the level of devastation that has hit this area is a hard pill to swallow. I will also...
  18. Arkanjel

    Terraspace art **Dial-up WARNING!**

    Im delving into a new realm for myself. They call it Terraspace art. Basically a combination of using Terragen renders and combining them with space art. Its a very cool style. This piece might look finished, but its not quite. There are a few more things Id like to do before Im done. Ill update...
  19. Arkanjel

    30 hurt as blast rocks downtown Milwaukee

    The company that this happened at, The Falk Corp, is a company we do business with. Please lift up the families of this tragedy up in your prayers. Thanks
  20. Arkanjel

    General Discussion area for RTS

    Hey folks, I want to thank Tek7 and hescominsoon for making this happen. We now have a general discussion area in the RTS section of the forums. This is open to any and all RTS games you would like to discuss. Please check it out and post away!