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  1. Wh1te Out

    Sims 3 On a Laptop

    Has anyone tried Sims 3 on a non-gaming specific laptop? When running the test on my laptop blows away the minimum requirements. However, the game is supposed to have the same reqs as Sims 2, and I experienced quite a bit of slow down and...
  2. Wh1te Out

    Make a Sketch for Me?

    Hello, talented artists! I really envy those of you who have the wonderful ability to draw. I'm sure I could probably learn a few things, but I've never quite had the knack, despite the desire. That being said, I'm hoping that some of you could offer me some help. What I'd like is if someone...
  3. Wh1te Out

    Gaming Laptop

    Disclaimer: Please comment based on only the options presented below. Thank you very, very much. Okay, so assuming these were the choices, would any of these suffice as a gaming laptop? Imagine running things like Mass Effect, Fallout 3, Starcraft 2, and Diablo III. If they absolutely suck...
  4. Wh1te Out


    Please pray for my family and I. My wife and I of 6 1/2 years have reached a point where she feels she cannot forgive some wrongs that have been done by both of us. Specifically, she will be leaving with my two children (3 and 5) in early February and moving across the country to Seattle (I am...
  5. Wh1te Out

    de Blob

    Play it. It will make you smile. That should be enough reason. Seriously, play this game.
  6. Wh1te Out

    How do you...

    Decide on ONE game? Ever since I started being a responsible adult and cut WAY back on gaming time and purchases (largely because I never finished anything I started playing anyway and would only lose money on the trade-in), I have found it more and more difficult to decide what I do want to...
  7. Wh1te Out

    Video Card Overpowering PC - Need Help

    I have Dell Dimension PC that is a couple of years old, specs are Pentium 4, 2.8 Ghz, with 1 GB of RAM. Awhile back I put a NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT video card in it and have experienced gaming problems ever since. The best way I can describe it is texture popping or energy spiking. The screen...
  8. Wh1te Out

    Animal Crossing: City Folk

    As big fans of AC:WW for the DS, we decided to give City Folk a try. It's been ages since we played, though, so this is new enough to remain fun and interesting for us. We're enjoying it, all over again. Our friend codes are below, so just hollar if you wanna come visit (or vice versa). Animal...
  9. Wh1te Out

    Nintendo DS gaming

    Moderator's note: Copied post from Nintendo DS Friends Codes List thread in order to get some conversation going and not disrupt the Friends Codes List. Resurrecting this thread. I've re-discovered the DS lately (after I went and gave mine away to my daughter, of course) and am realizing that...
  10. Wh1te Out

    Building a Gaming PC

    Goal: Build new PC by early next year, cheaply, that can play the likes of newer games such as Diablo III, Starcraft II, Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War 2 (see a trend), all MMOs out currently and The Sims 3. I don't want them just to sqeak by, I want them to run well. I'd prefer a laptop but due...
  11. Wh1te Out

    Lord of the Rings/Civ IV - HELP

    Okay, wacky topic title I know, but here's the scoop. I need something to play while my wife is watching her shows. I've cut back on the console gaming significantly since it takes up our only major television, which means nothing cool and long like Fallout 3 anymore (*sniff*). As a change...
  12. Wh1te Out

    Might Give it a Try

    Alright, so I MIGHT give this a try, despite my fear of it ruining my appreciation for Tolkien lore. The questions I have are these: 1. How active of a Kinship do we have? What server? 2. How quickly can I "catch up?" Starting WoW now is horrible because there are SO many players at the...
  13. Wh1te Out

    Allakhazan Character Profile

    I'm trying to get the character profile to work with a program called WOWReader. Does anyone know how to use this properly? It doesn't seem to be working and doesn't show me anything on the website despite me following the directions and uploading my info using the program.
  14. Wh1te Out

    World of Warcraft

    I am now a sheep.. well, my character more closely resembles a large bull, but you get the point. I'm on the Hellscream server and I am a Tauren Hunter, so I play on the Horde side. Anyone that wants to hook up for some action and to give me some help leveling, I'd love the company. Character...
  15. Wh1te Out

    Computer Tech Help Needed

    Need computer help. My specs: Pentium 4 CPU 2.8 GHz 1 GB RAM DirectX 9.0c GeForce 7600 GT (256 MB) The problem I am having is that almost every game (except World of Warcraft III) now has flashing light streaks since I've upgraded my video card. I've downloaded and installed the latest...
  16. Wh1te Out

    Some Questions

    Soon I will be back in the MMO gaming world. It's been a long 7-month deployment and I've missed me some PC gaming. :) Right now, both EVE Online and LotRO appeal greatly to me so I'd like to get some current info about this. I've followed LotRO since nearly the beginning so I'm plenty...
  17. Wh1te Out

    Intent to Play

    I've been reading a lot of reviews lately and I think that EVE Online might be for me. I'm a casual gamer. Some nights I'll play three hours, others none. I like to make my own way, not power-level and try to be the first to accomplish something. I want options, choices... I want to...
  18. Wh1te Out

    Re-discovering the Gamer Within

    Hello, CGA. As many of you know I was once an active member of CGA and even on the ToJ staff. For the past seven months, though, I've been MIA while deployed out to sea. To say that my gaming habits have taken a hit would be an understatement. But I think it's time to search for discover...
  19. Wh1te Out


    How is the Dervish class? What is the strength of the build... offense, defense, buffs/support? It looks very unique and appealing, just curious what your experienced thoughts are.
  20. Wh1te Out

    Too Late for a Comeback?

    Hello, hello, friends. Well, my wife and I have given some thought to returning to the MMO scene and after much deliberation and research it seems that Guild Wars is still the best game for us. We mostly play as a duo but as those that know us remember we were quite active in SoE for a long...