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  1. Chaoshammer

    giving Guild Wars another go

    Hello everyone, I used to play lots of Guild Wars a while back and love to come back now that my computer has been upgrades and can run the game so smoothly, I'll try to find you guys online, hope to play with you guys again real soon ;)
  2. Chaoshammer

    anyone know if the login screen song can be downloaded?

    Every time I load up Guild Wars I hear the great song of orchestra and vocal chords. I love listening to the classical piece the login screen has. That song has made me excited about getting Eye of the North and was wondering if it could downloaded for free anywhere?
  3. Chaoshammer

    quick question about heroes

    If you bought the Nightfall campaign is it possible to take the heroes to other places or even other continents to help with certain quests or missions?
  4. Chaoshammer

    Guild Wars new expansion has drawn me back

    Well World of Warcraft has a new expansion announce and it hasn't convince me enough to bring me back to the game. So I still have Guild Wars, Factions, and Nightfall. With what I am seeing with Eye of the North I start to feel good about Guild Wars again! Especially the new music I heard in the...
  5. Chaoshammer

    wow this is interesting...

    Hello guildies, good to see ya again, I have not decided just yet to come back to World of Warcraft but finding this info has given me second thoughts, I discover it while surfing on Blizzard to WOW Leipzig? German ratings board names, rates Games Convention demo of next World...
  6. Chaoshammer

    time for a long long break

    I have decided to go ahead and cancel my account with WoW. Since I feel that I can longer invest a lot of time into the game and also like to avoid the monthly fees. I was hoping that spending a long enough time away from this game it will give it some time to improve on many things and if I...
  7. Chaoshammer

    My help is needed on another server

    I am kinda feel bad for doing this but my real life friend decided to stick on his server instead to coming to Blade's Edge. He and other guys are trying to get a horde guild going and they could really use my help since I do have experience playing this game. I am sorry I must abandon you guys...
  8. Chaoshammer

    wow! wonder if this is true?

    Found an interesting story at My thoughts: bogus
  9. Chaoshammer

    A tribute to Starcraft in World of Warcraft

    Every time I see the new draenei race in WoW they remind a lot about the Protoss in Starcraft. They both are alien race, travel in big space ships, and act righteous in nature. In keeping Starcraft memories alive I have named my new draenei warrior, Tassadarr. Hope Starcraft comes back someday :)
  10. Chaoshammer

    coming back

    Well I am think the Mustard Seed will pick up again with people making blood elf characters, I'll come back and play again, Thanks for the invites :D
  11. Chaoshammer

    anyone up for scholo?

    Well I think it about time to be playing World of Warcraft again since that expansion will be coming out soon. I got some free time this week before school starts and I was hoping to knock out that last part of the pally epic mount quest. If anyone like to come help me I would be very grateful...
  12. Chaoshammer

    A poem about my time in Redeemed

    Climbing the tall mountain to the top where level 60 was... Always stopping along way wondering if I could make it... Near the top I had to face the evil inside, the greed I had for items, the desire I had for power.... When I was at the top the celebration was well but there was still...
  13. Chaoshammer

    Guild Wars vs World of Warcraft video

    found a funny video on YouTube :p
  14. Chaoshammer

    If you wish to play the horde with no pvp

    Well sorry to see Mustard Seed not very active like it was at a time, but it will come back someday. I still like to explore the horde part of the game and I found a nice clean fun guild called Strife. They are very active, will accept anyone, and got a nice website. I dont mean to advertise...
  15. Chaoshammer

    Burning Crusade Beta Videos (contains spoilers)

    I have found a website that has made videos showing different things we will see in Burning Crusade expansion. This does give away some parts of the game that may spoil the moment but I am very sure there will be lots more to see in the expansion. Enjoy! :)...
  16. Chaoshammer

    On a scale from 1-10, how well do you think the Redeemed guild is doing?

    10 is the highest and 1 is the lowest, sorry no Camm Option on this one.
  17. Chaoshammer

    Trying out the polls

    Hey Icthus, lets see if I can get something good, hmmmmm thinking :rolleyes:
  18. Chaoshammer

    how do you make polls on this forum btw?

    Hey Icthus I was wondering how you are able to make the cool polls you post around here? Is it something only Moderators can do? :confused: