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  1. joshofstl

    Profession Build Suggestions: Elementalist

    I’ve experimented with all four elements in all sorts of combinations, including Air-Water, Earth-Air, Fire-Water, and even Earth-Water. But, try as I might (and I desperately wanted Air to be “the stuff”), I simply could not find a build that ultimately surpasses Fire-Earth. Properly set, the...
  2. joshofstl

    Profession Build Suggestions: Monk

    Someone had earlier asked for some suggested build ideas for different classes. Here are a few possibilities based on my time as a monk. - Healing Monk My philosophy on healing monks is based on two premises… a) cheap spells and b) good value from those spells. As such, I tend to avoid...
  3. joshofstl

    A word of caution about trading...

    Tonight one of our guild members was "scammed" by someone. The scammer had agreed to a price on a Rune of Superior Vigor, then asked a question, and while the guild member was answering the question apparently set the price at 50g (as opposed to the 50k agreed upon). The guild member did not...
  4. joshofstl

    High-level solo build: Monk/Warrior

    I read on a board that it was possible to successfully solo in the underworld and in several places in the field. I've done some practice work and it is indeed possible to solo in some places, given the right equipment. The build is best accomplished with a Monk/Warrior, although a Monk/Mesmer...
  5. joshofstl

    Protection Monk build

    Like the majority of monks in the game, I have mostly made my living as a healing monk, but as I've reached higher levels I've seen the demand for protection monks grow somewhat, so I decided to dabble some. After a completely disastrous first go at it, I tinkered around in the field with some...
  6. joshofstl

    What do you think of Doom 3's content?

    With all the discussion surrounding Id's new game, I thought it would be interesting to find out what people think about the moral content of the game.  This is a complex issue and I'd like to hear what others think about it.