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    Diablo 3 anyone?

    Hey sorry guys, I did a search and could not find a Diablo 3 thread anywhere. Do we have one here? I was thinking we did, but I was not for sure. Thanks in advance! I am playing it on the switch, and we are greatly enjoying it. It is just a "mindless" hack and slash, with some build depth...
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    Fortnite or Paladins for Switch?

    As the subject suggests...are there any Switch owners who have fortnite or paladins?
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    Blazblue Crossbattle

    Anyone have or playing Blazblue Crossbattle for Switch? I am loving it and the variety in characters!
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    I'm BACK!!! :) We have a HUGE switch library now

    Hey guys! Hope all is well, been out of the gaming loop for a good while, but with the Switch me and my kids are back into the gaming genre. We have a ton of Switch games both physical and digital. A bit of every kind of genre you can think of also, so if anyone has any questions about...
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    Ps4 game list?

    Do we have a ps4 game thread? I was thinking of making a list of what multiplayer games i have so we can see who has what and get some game nights if possible
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    Overwatch OT

    Anyone get overwatch ? So far, i am loving it. Would love some fellow cga players if anyone else picked it up.
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    Just got a PS4 this week

    So, after years of being mainly Nintendo, I finally broke down and purchased a PS4. Boy have I been missing out...I only have a handful of games right now, but I am enjoying them. Mainly, Battleborn, which of course just came out, and also snagged some used games such as Fallout 4, FFX-X2HD...
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    Anyone playing battleborn? My psn id is devine1981
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    Wii U eshop games are growing :)

    So, after much waiting the wii u eshop is really taking off in the last few months and months to come. Currently I have: Breath of Fire II Super Metroid Metroid Fusion Mario & Luigi GBA Zelda: Minish Cap Golden Sun Shovel Knight (LOVE IT!!) Guacamelee (Love it too!!) Pushmo (Great...
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    Mario kart 8

    Pure awesomeness!!! Nothing more to be said!!
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    Anyone read dc comics?

    The reason I am asking is I was looking for a good jump on point for a few dc comic series.
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    RPG year athon

    So I realized most of my backlog games are all rpg based. So I am going to begin chiseling through this backlog and even replay some oldie but goodies. 3ds: Bravely default Etrian odyssey IV Etrian odyssey Uuntold SMT IV Devil survivor Pokemon X Fire emblem: Awakening Mario & luigi: dream...
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    Pre black and white game transfer question(s)

    Since wifi is shutting down for the older games how could I play through them to get the legendary pokemon and get them transfered to my x and y games. For example I want to play through soul silver but the pokes will be stuck on that game.
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    Looking for someone with pokemon black 2...

    I picked up white 2, and I am wanting to get the challenge key to unlock the harder mode. If anyone has black 2 would you care to share your key?
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    Child of light looks promising..

    Read up on this game and found it to look promising and also pier solar for the wiiu eshop. The eshop has some very good indie games coming out this month and next that look very good.
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    All things Fire Emblem awakening!

    Well, I did it I started up my fire Emblem awakening game last night, since Wednesday nights are my game night(s) if you wanna call it that. It has been a while since I played any strategy type game like that, plus fire emblem awakening will be my first in the series. So I am obviously newer to...
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    Fire emblem awakening dlc question

    Okay, so I am starting up my journey and I am already excited about the dlc content. My question for anyone who has played, is when should I work at getting the dlc? Around what chapter or so is recommended? I am going to purchase it over time so it won't be a huge chunk all at once.
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    What are you playing right now?

    Well, tek kinda gave me this idea when he posted a parenthetical post in a poke thread about going to play a different game, Zelda. Anyways, thought this would be a good time to start up a thread where we can comment on games we are currently playing, unless they deserve a completely separate...
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    GBA games coming to wii u vc!!

    Check out this April release alone. Pretty good lineup with advance wars and golden sun being in there. :)
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    Looking for a good deal on ANY/All the professor layton games

    So my wife decided she likes professor layton, and with the final one released now, she wants to start at the beginning and of course follow the story line. So I am looking for the games for cheap...if anyone sees any anywhere for cheap, especialy Last Specter (4th game) let me know...I can...