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  1. joshofstl

    Guild Wars Assassin

    Has anyone else noticed that all the women in GW look like runway models while the men are of varying shapes and sizes? A curious "double standard."
  2. joshofstl

    Profession Build Suggestions: Elementalist

    How effective is the AI at repositioning itself?
  3. joshofstl

    Profession Build Suggestions: Elementalist

    Meteor Storm does good damage against lower-level foes and only moderate damage against armored foes. It does, however, cause area knockdown, which can be useful in interrupiting an aggroed group of enemies, especially casters. Casting meteor storm and firestorm in successsion against PvE foes...
  4. joshofstl

    Profession Build Suggestions: Elementalist

    Bill... I like the build, although I've learned (sadly) that Air Spiking is hard to do with just one. But in the 3-spiker lineup you suggested, I could see it working, especially in PvP. I might suggest either Lightning Javelin or perhaps even Chain Lightning in lieu of Lightning Strike...
  5. joshofstl

    Profession Build Suggestions: Elementalist

    I’ve experimented with all four elements in all sorts of combinations, including Air-Water, Earth-Air, Fire-Water, and even Earth-Water. But, try as I might (and I desperately wanted Air to be “the stuff”), I simply could not find a build that ultimately surpasses Fire-Earth. Properly set, the...
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    Professional Build Suggestions: Warrior

    Yeah. At it's peak, it does a steady 34 damage per hit. This isn't a good number versus most caster foes, but against high-armor warriors or anyone with earth armor this is a nasty enchant to throw at 'em.
  7. joshofstl

    Professional Build Suggestions: Warrior

    I remain a big fan of the W/E build, and I think the build you outlined is superb because it takes advantage both of Aftershock (which is great when paired with hammer knockdown abilities) and Armor of Earth (which makes this build very, very tough to kill). One rarely-mentioned build...
  8. joshofstl

    Profession Build Suggestions: Monk

    Someone had earlier asked for some suggested build ideas for different classes. Here are a few possibilities based on my time as a monk. - Healing Monk My philosophy on healing monks is based on two premises… a) cheap spells and b) good value from those spells. As such, I tend to avoid...
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    My advice to people is this: If you want to be a monk, make it your primary. if you are a ranger, a mesmer, or an elementalist, you may want to consider an alternate secondary profession besides Mo just because of the hassle people will give you about being a spot healer... and it's especially...
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    ANet's Halloween Movie

    This is yet another reason why Guild Wars has one of the most dedicated, most passionate development teams of any MMO... and why Guild Wars remains one of the finest online games out there. There are moments when I am genuinely shocked at the quality of the game, particularly given its...
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    Obviously each primary has its advantages, and where warriors gain in armor they wind up losing in energy total and energy recharge capacity. A warrior as a secondary is a given for certain monk builds but could actually be quite useful for casters and rangers insofar as the tactics line goes...
  12. joshofstl

    The Mad King picked ME!!

    Incredible. I should have thought to get on GW that night just to see the spectacle. :)
  13. joshofstl

    monday night assault

    Thanks for the report. I was very interested to hear how it went. I suppose it ALWAYS seems like the army is bigger when you are a lower-level character. :) Nolani would also be a good one to try that in, although there is a certain thrill in mowing 'em down with AOE spells that would be...
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    Hanging up my hat

    Such things may also be on the horizon for me, too. I'll also be getting married within the next several months (June of 2006) and I've logged more time in to GW than I'd be willing to admit. At this point, my monk has beaten all the Titan quests (and is closing in on 1 million XP), my...
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    monday night assault

    Intruiging. I once did that mission alongside a level 20 warrior (my ele was only level 6-7 at the time) and a few other lower level chars. As the rest of us ran back to Greywind, the level 20 turned to take on the whole horde of those Charr. I don't know what kind of armor she wore - perhaps...
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    Pastori's future absence

    Be careful, man. God bless.
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    Piken Square: Althea's Ashes

    It's a long quest, but it also gets you up in the neighborhood of the Courthouse... I have a few characters who could help out...
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    Best Sword In The Game?

    I got Guild Wars so I WOULDN'T have to pay extra fees. :) Unreal what a market there is for that kind of stuff.
  19. joshofstl

    Anyone have suggestions for a Battery Necro?

    No problem. I'll be looking forward to hearing how some of your "test drives" with different skill sets works out.
  20. joshofstl

    Anyone have suggestions for a Battery Necro?

    Blood is Power. Now, Well of Power is a fine elite, and warriors tend to eat it up because they're usually hovering in the vicinity of the corpse where the spell was struck. Warriors, however, can get along adequately without huge energy infusions - adrenaline skills help with that...