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  1. -Jeffrey-

    Buying all unwanted feathers, dust, iron, bones, plant fibres at market price

    Hi guys, I'm currently teaching some friends FoWsc and therefore use up consumables quite quickly. If any of you have any spare feathers, piles of glittering dust, iron, bones or plant fibres that are taking up space in your storage, I'd happily buy them at whatever the market price is at the...
  2. -Jeffrey-

    Selling Z-Keys, Cloths of the Brotherhood, DP Removal

    I'm building up a large surplus of Zaishen Keys from all the PvP that I take part in, which I don't need. I'd be happy to sell these off somewhere in the range of 3-6k each. There's also 20 Cloths of the Brotherhood that I would like to get rid of, for around 3-5k each. I also have over a...
  3. -Jeffrey-

    Game Updates

    I just felt we needed a thread to talk about game updates :D I have to say, I was extremely pleased with the Thursday, January 5, 2012 update. Massive buff to many of the underpowered Elementalist skills, while lowering the DPS of SoS and DwG ritualist builds to balance them more against other...
  4. -Jeffrey-

    Years of mashing through RA have finally paid off!

    Just got a Vetaura's Harbringer from a Gladiator's Zaishen Strongbox, which I believe that's worth over 30e! I also got Gladiator 3 a few months ago, which is always nice to have for the HoM. If anyone desperately wants this scythe, just give me a shout :P
  5. -Jeffrey-

    Leaving the alliance to pursue my passion to help people

    Hi guys. As of today, I'm leaving the alliance in order to create my own guild. The guild is called The Friendship Division [Life] and will be devoted to helping new and developing players, which is what I enjoy doing the most in this game. I'll probably be back in Guild Wars 2 when it...
  6. -Jeffrey-

    What do you have the most trouble with in-game and would like help with?

    I'm just curious as to what you all find the most challenging about the game. I've helped countless people with a variety of problems, but if there's certain things that everyone is struggling with, then I could organise something. For example if everyone is having money issues and/or would like...
  7. -Jeffrey-

    Guide to Jade Quarry

    With all the fuss about Hall of Monument reward points, many of you will probably want to advance your Zaishen title to rank 3 and your Kurzick title to rank 4 (The requirements to display statues for these specific statues). Two of the main methods by which people can attain Imperial (Can be...
  8. -Jeffrey-

    Just got Legendary Survivor

    Finally got this! Fits nicely next to my LDoA statue. :cool:
  9. -Jeffrey-

    Solo (H+H)/PUG/Organised group

    Personally, I PUG the most by far, unless I'm helping a friend. Here would be my reasons why: PUG vs Solo (H+H) Cutting to the bottom line, solo can be very boring and you don't get the full experience of playing in a team. Also, certain missions are much easier with players, even if you...
  10. -Jeffrey-

    Favourite Profession?

    Just wondering which professions people like best. Personally my favourite profession has to be the mesmer. It requires a degree of skill and strategy to play it, especially in PvP, as opposed to just pushing buttons and watching red bars go up and down. It's also an extremely flexible...
  11. -Jeffrey-

    Need to assemble a team for the Guild Battle quest

    Hi, As you might have noticed, there's a whole new quest line related to pvp arenas that can be obtained from Zenjal [Zaishen Guide] in The Great Temple of Balthazar. I'm hoping to assemble a team for the last quest in the questline that involves participating in a Guild Battle. The people...