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    Corrupt Folder

    My HD in my old computer went kaput so I had to replace it. No biggie, but now I want to see if I can pull any info off of it. I bought a HD/USB cable, hooked it up and can access the whole drive EXCEPT for the My Documents folder...which just so happens to be the folder I want to retrieve...
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    Tampa Bay Rays "cursed"?

    On the eve of the start of the World Series I ran across this article and wanted to know what you guys thought: Naturally, it evoked an eye roll or two or three from me...just wondering what your impression was...
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    The wiki to end all wiki's... WHOA! Now that's an undertaking!
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    Oh boy...has anyone seen this? Moderator's Note: Link removed on account of inappropriate content (i.e. Eve). It would be easier to hate it if it weren't so...FUN.
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    Crazy Wii Accessories

    I thought the tennis racket/golf club attachments were crazy, but then I ran across these gems: Example One Example Two Any other crazy ones you've seen? EDIT: Just ran across THIS
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    Computer Problems

    Out of the blue, my wife's computer stopped booting, coming up with a "error loading operating system". Anyone know how to fix this? I tried reinstalling Win XP Pro, but get the same error. Any ideas? If not, I'll have to hit up the Geek Squad this weekend.
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    I've done it...I've joined the Dark Brotherhood...

    That's right, I now have a Wii :) I had to buy a used one since I haven't been able to find a new one around here at all. I went out today and purchased the little doohickey that lets me connect to the internet with a wired connect. It's pretty neat so far. Anything I should know...
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    Left Behind Games

    Looks like the game was FAR worse than even I thought it was... At its peak (Nov 7 of last year), Left Behind Games' stock price was $7.44 a share. Today, the price sits at 18 cents a share. Were these guys in a cocoon when they designed this game or what? According to the article...
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    Not getting promoted...

    Anyone know why my promotion status reads 2266/2250? I should have been promoted 16 points ago, but nothing is happening. Any ideas?
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    Best PS2 games?

    I borrowed a PS2 and, having never owned one, find a HUGE library of games opening up to me. Any suggestions on games that I just can't pass up? I'm not really interested in FPS games...that's what a mouse and keyboard are for. I am really interested in Shadow of the Colossus...I'm...
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    If you're a child of the 80's... HAVE to check out this Karate Kid inspired video for No More Kings song, "Sweep the Leg, Johnny". The song isn't half bad either.
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    Selling my Xbox & GC...what should I ask for?

    Well the time has come to say goodbye to my Xbox and GC. I'm planning on getting a Wii for the family, though they're still hard to find at this point. I'm going to offer them as a package deal to friends and family first (that includes everyone here if you're interested), but I'm not sure...
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    Anyone familiar with Goozex?

    Anyone know anything about this site? Goozex
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    Anyone know of a program that will count your mouse clicks?

    Anyone? I work on CAD all day long and wondered how many clicks I actually go through in a day. Let me know if you know of one, thanks!
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    Out of courtesy to my wife, after loading up BF2142, I strapped on my comfy Panasonic headphones only to find the right ear piece was dead. So now the hunt is on for a good (cheap) pair of headphones. Anyone have any suggestions? Anyone know anything about Skullcandy headphones? Thanks in...
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    Left Behind: Eternal Forces

    I saw this on store shelves last week...has anyone picked it up? The reviews I've seen on it are bad, bad, bad.
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    Do we really need Blue Laws?

    On my drive home today, I heard this story on NPR: Do we really need these Blue Laws? Are they outdated, meant for a time that has since passed? Do you have any laws like this where you live? I'm not THAT old, but I...
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    Does ANYone play EQ2 anymore?

    I recently got back into EQ2 out of, well, boredom and noticed there isn't a forum here for it. Nor does there seem to be much of a following under WOW's shadow. So does anyone play? I have a handfull of characters on GUK and NAJENA. I have two higher lvl's from back in the day, but...
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    Flatscreen Monitor Recommendations?

    I was thinking about getting a flatscreen monitor, anyone have any recommendations? I want to spend as little as possible, naturally, and I'm looking for a min 19" widescreen monitor, primarily for gaming. I ran across this at Office
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    Help me find something...

    Let's go back in time...several Christmases ago. There I am, walkinging through Walmart, when I see the coolest Christmas thing ever. A line of eight or so elves, each holding a bell and a hammer. The unit selected a song at random and the elves would hammer out the tune. Unfortunately...