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    Competitive TDM is back

    Just thought I'd drop by with this link for you. My ex-teammate Nytejade::LOB:: put The Fractionary back online, and High Voltage and a lot of the other competitive TDMers are getting back into the game recently because of it. Now...
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    My marriage could really use some prayer, everybody. Can't go into specifics right now, but pray for clear heads, open hearts, and unfaltering commitment.
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    Drupal-friendly hosting companies

    I know there's a lot of people here with a lot of professional IT experience. I was just recently hired by the ACDA ( to replace the third-party web development company they're getting fed up with. They also host the site, and their record is so poor on that too, that The...
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    Just wanted to see what the resident scholars and moral authorities here thought of graffiti. I have some opinions on the subject but I am interested in those of others, not my own. Is it art, or vandalism, or neither, or both? What should our response be to graffiti as Christians, and does the...
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    The North American competitive UT community is moving mostly over to from ProUnreal. They've got regular content updates, and my teammate nytejade is one of the admins over there. It's also the home of CustomUT, the UT3 successor to UTComp. Check it out! It's still got some of the...
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    It has ARRIVED!

    Installing now! See you guys in the game!
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    UT Game Information (Consolidated)

    I tried finding all the tips and tricks posts I've made over the years here but they're all pretty scattered and randomized throughout other threads that generally had some other purpose. I'm pretty busy at the moment but over the next couple of days I'm going to add all the major techniques...
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    Prayers needed. Chrol is dying.

    Hey guys. I don't know if you remember Chrol from our jailbreak team The Critical Point, but he's been diagnosed with late-stage leukemia and colon cancer, and he is not expected to have more than a few months to live. It is advanced enough that they are debating whether or not to even remove...
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    Prayers needed. Chrol is dying.

    Note: I copied this post from the TOJ-UT forum so that our prayer people would see it. Thanks for reading. Hey guys. I don't know if you remember Chrol from our jailbreak team The Critical Point, but he's been diagnosed with late-stage leukemia and colon cancer, and he is not expected to have...
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    Academic Scholarship

    I have a full academic scholarship at my university, without which I wouldn't be able to attend college. This is the last week of school for me, and everything is coming due all at once, and I have additional psychological problems weighing heavily on me, and I think I am about ready to crumple...
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    New laptop!

    Check it out, I ordered a System76 laptop recently. Ubuntu comes preinstalled. I'll be very excited when it arrives.
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    Car accident

    My best friend from high school was in a severe car accident yesterday and is in the ICU with a broken pelvis. The passenger's injuries are far more severe and he may not live. The passenger is also not a Christian. Please pray.
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    I have been struggling a lot with bad thoughts recently. Please pray that I find the willpower to withstand them.
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    Christmas Break team?

    If I started a ladder team to run for two or three weeks over Christmas break, how many people would be able to devote at least two nights a week to it? I'm trying to gauge interest here, because I'm pretty sure I'll have next to nothing to do over Christmas break, which means that I want to be...
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    My good friend Zorak!:::LOB:: has joined TOJ! Everybody welcome him. If you don't have it already, add "*:LOB:*" to your buddies (without the quotes). I've been bugging him about joining for a long time now so everybody be extra nice to him. I'm not sure if he registered for the forums but...
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    Ubuntu Christian Edition?

    This is kind of weird.
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    After months of searching, I think I have finally found a church that feels right. I've been kind of down about not having a church I could go to regularly, and now I have that weight off me, and it feels really good. Their website is if anybody is interested.
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    Ethanol fueling station map

    I know we have other environmentalists on these forums, so I figured some people might be interested in this: It's a catalog of fuel stations that sell ethanol fuel.
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    Building a low-end PC [help]

    I'm building a low-end PC for my sister. The one she currently has is a Compaq machine which my dad bought as surplus from his employer for $5. The HD on it is only 6 GB, and as her music collection is growing, she's quickly running out of space. Also, I do routine maintenance on it...
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    TDM Open: Two To Tango There's a big 2v2 tournament coming up. I'm going to be entering with my fellow LOBster Hamsgod, and our brother in the faith Zorak::LOB:: will be teaming up with his actual younger brother, [MTX]Practice. LOB is also sending our two top fraggers Nytejade and Hectic on...