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  1. Tek7

    Pruning CGA Discord roles list

    Below is a list of roles that I'm considering removing from the CGA Discord server to tidy things up a bit: AmongSus Animal Crosses Apex Legends Borderlands 2 CSGO Dauntless DragaliaLost ESO HoTS LFD2 PUBG ROBLOX RocketLeague I don't have any objection to keeping any or all of the roles, but...
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    Forums changelog

    Updated XenForo to version 2.2.7 Patch 1 (November 14, 2021).
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    The TF2sday game nights leading up to Halloween were a ton of fun! Thanks as always for posting the screenshots, @PeekABoo.
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    [Weekly - F/Sa] Week In Review

    Eskimo sighting! So glad to hear things are going well for you. How old are the kiddos? (Mine are 10 and 7 now.) Most of our activity these days takes place on the CGA Discord Server, which you can read about here, but the forums are still online and, God willing, will remain available for a...
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    ATOMIC WARRIORS Clan Leaders Bible

    Unfortunately, it looks like the only links to the Clan Leader's Bible are down:
  6. Tek7

    Saints 3G recruiting for New World MMO

    It is. Thank you for posting. I wish you all great success with the new guild!
  7. Tek7

    Moving into a new phase of life and service...

    I wish you tremendous success and will be praying for the same. :) In a world seemingly gone mad, we can not hope to convince others of the truth of God's Word BUT we can share the Word and let the Holy Spirit convict those who listen of its truth. I usually think of that principle in terms of...
  8. Tek7

    iPad Air for work (and play)

    I'm in a similar situation. I was appointed the Apple product expert on my team, but I'm an Android fanboy at heart. (I have two phones, one for personal use and one for work use, and both are running rooted-but-otherwise-stock Android.) My work iPad sits and gathers dust except for the few...
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    Welcome to the forums, @HansTheCowTipper and @Olympicflex! Will, our Discord server is a great place for connecting with Christian gamers in real time. We have roles for several FPS games, including Team Fortress 2, Overwatch, and Deep Rock Galactic, that you and others can ping when you're...
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    [Weekly - Su/M] What did you learn/teach at church?

    Our pastor taught from James 5:13-18 regarding prayer this week. The sermon was an excellent reminder of the importance and the power of prayer!
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    [Weekly - F/Sa] Week In Review

    Still Alive. Family is still healthy. Delta variant is surging here, so we're being cautious. We plan to enroll the kids in a virtual option for the first semester and switch back in-person classes for the second semester if they can get the vaccine before January. Work is okay. Bills are...
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    [Weekly - W] Now Playing

    Still Puzzle & Dragons. Taking it easy right now because I just don't have the patience for grindfest events. Thoroughly enjoying Ori and the Will of the Wisps. The movement, which is an essential part of the greatest exploration action games, feels great. Started playing Trine 2 with my...
  13. Tek7

    How do you guys feel about this

    If you feel convicted, then don't play it. No game is worth ignoring your convictions. You have to live with your own decisions, so be ready to receive wise counsel (as you've received from others in this thread already, thanks all!) but don't feel compelled by others to play games that you do...
  14. Tek7

    [Weekly - W] Now Playing

    Still Puzzle & Dragons, though not as much. Recently purchased Celeste on the Switch, cleared the main objective, then went back for more collectibles: There's still plenty of content left to explore, but I only paid $5 for the game, I feel like I got my money's worth, and the remaining...
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    Forums changelog

    Updated Omni style to version 2.2.6 (July 8, 2021).
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    Forums changelog

    Updated XenForo to version 2.2.6 (July 8, 2021).
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    Happy Fourth of July!

    Happy Fourth of July, all! I pray that God would strengthen us to respond to the anger and suffering in our country by reflecting Christ's love in our words and our actions. I pray that God would grant us opportunities to point others toward a merciful Lord and redeemer who alone can bear up...
  18. Tek7

    Article: Ambassadors or Culture Warriors?

    @Krissa Lox I read this and thought of you: Source: I hope the article encourages you. I know it's been a rough year.
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    Posts dissappearef

    Most of our activity takes place on the CGA Discord server these days. The Discord server is better suited to real-time (or nearly real-time) conversations while the forums are better suited to asynchronous (staggered, not real-time) communication, announcements, and sharing of helpful...
  20. Tek7

    Opt out of Steam beta client to fix TF2 crash on server join

    If your TF2 client is crashing any time you join a server, opt out of the Steam beta client, restart Steam, and try again. You can opt out by right-clicking the Steam icon in your system tray, clicking Settings, and clicking Change in the Beta participation section. Credit goes to reddit user...