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  1. Corpfox

    Starcraft Remastered!

    I wonder if anyone else is hyped. Just pre-purchased it. Looks great. Hope they remaster Diablo 2.
  2. Corpfox

    Sven Co-Op on Steam

    You should try it out if you like HL and coop. Haven't played in years but really enjoy it.
  3. Corpfox

    Syndicate game free from Origin. An old classic. Don't know expire date, assume soon.
  4. Corpfox

    Wing Commander 3, Free @ Origin.

    Opened my Origin account and surprised to see it. No idea on expire date.
  5. Corpfox

    Getting eye surgeries.

    Just letting you know I'll be getting both eye surgery on July 14, 2014. Hopefully, its good after recovery. My eyebrows are sagging, its rolling my eyelids, causing some headaches and temporary blindness.
  6. Corpfox

    TF2: Professor Speks Strangifier Giveaway

    Giving away Five (5) Professor Speks Strangifiers. Rules: - No Scammer tag - No Vac-banned - Must have Steam and TF2 installed. - Joined CGA forum before Dec. 2013 How to enter: - Post here with ur Steam Name/ID Winners will be randomly selected, notified on private message and added on...
  7. Corpfox

    Steam Game giveaway #2

    Just finished unboxing my crates. Giving away 4 copies of Penny Arcade's On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3. Same as last time: Gonna use a random number generator near the end of this giveaway and 4 persons that are close or exact to the number, gets the game. Number ranges 1...
  8. Corpfox

    Got extra Emoticon from Steam

    2 postcardf and 1 skunk. Postcard is from the Summer sale and Skunk is from Worms Revolution. Also have game coupons.
  9. Corpfox

    Name & Describe my Unusual

    Posted on TF2 Steam forum: Posting your name and description on the TF2 steam forum would be ideal.
  10. Corpfox

    Just unboxed another unusual...

    Spent over 40 keys to get a possible 15 buds, unusual. Can't sell an unboxed unusual either. :eek: I'll post the video soon. Also, I didn't know its a all-class hat. Warning: Has language
  11. Corpfox

    If your thinking of buying games in the Steam summer sale... should go to this site first.
  12. Corpfox

    Any plumbers or home fixer upers?

    The main water pipe cracked in the center, causing it to leak in the boiler/aircon room. We spent hours soaking the water with towels and drying them in buckets. The water pipes are blue and seem to be plastic. Is that normal? Were getting a handy-man and hope he can fix it.
  13. Corpfox

    Got a goal for a Unusual?

    I'm curious since most of you play TF2. If not unboxed or uncrated, what would your unusual be?
  14. Corpfox

    Any active old members?

    I found my, "What happen with the other ToJ'ers?" thread and thought I'd try and see if the old members are still here. I'm here seldom. Join dates from 2002 - 2005.
  15. Corpfox

    Steam game giveaway

    I tried to sell the Xcom enemy unknown for 25 vintage weapons and still no takers... So, I'm gonna use a random number generator and who ever gets the number, gets the game for free. Number ranges 1 - 200. Rules: - Only members that have joined before May, 2013. - Must have Steam account. -...
  16. Corpfox

    Pray for my eye

    I normally don't ask for a prayer but having this twice, its very painful. When I was a kid, I fell down the stairs and my right eye hit one of the steps. Right now, my right eye lid is slightly smaller than my left. The eye lash wraps underneath and touches my eye-ball. I went to an...
  17. Corpfox

    Three women who have been missing for the last decade have been found alive at a home Miracle I tell you!
  18. Corpfox

    Giving away Diablo 3 stuff

    I haven't played the game for almost 5 months and got too many games, especially Borderlands 2. I figured I'd try here before I auction it on Steam Forum. Waiting for it to download and install. Hopefully, I still have them. I'll post pictures of the items I got unless your online.
  19. Corpfox

    BL2: anyone need free pink/purple items?

    I've collected but I don't use them. SMG Fire grenade...
  20. Corpfox

    Wait or Use new PC parts?

    GTX 670 that I wanted so much just came on sale and also comes with a free, Borderlands 2 game. Usually when I buy new PC parts, they are used on my old PC and will eventually be moved to a completely new PC. I also compared this GTX 670 to US market, its not on sale there. :confused...