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  1. Neirai the Forgiven

    Looking for 3d art guy for Civ 5 modding.

    Hey, I'm looking for someone who can do a bit of Civ 5 3d modelling work. It shouldn't be too hard, since it basically will consist of modifying existing models. I'm not sure about programs, but it looks like it can be done with Blender. All in all, I'd be looking at modelling about 4...
  2. Neirai the Forgiven

    Civilization V Mod: Australia

    I've spent the last 5 months working on this mod. If you have Civ 5, I'd recommend it ;)
  3. Neirai the Forgiven

    The search for the historical Spider-man

    Some say he was a hero. Some, a good man or even a great teacher. Still other claim that he was a dangerous renegade. And then there are those who claim he was more. More than a man. The man known as Peter Parker has a story that is so shrouded in myth and legend and fantasy and wild...
  4. Neirai the Forgiven

    URGENT CALL TO PRAYER: Gerbil's Mom.

    The Mighty Gerbil's mother is facing a health crisis. It is quite bad and demands immediate attention; the family is doing what they can, but they aren't able to provide what she needs. We need to pray. Personally, and, where possible, corporately. I call on every member of the CGA to take...
  5. Neirai the Forgiven

    Needed: CIV 5 Loading Screen of Ezra and Nehemiah.

    Looking for someone to draw me an awesome portrait of Ezra & Nehemiah. It needs to be 1024x768 and will be used as the Loading Screen for my Civ V mod featuring the pair as leaders of the Hebrews. I may also be looking for another image for the Diplomacy Screen. I'll post the specifications...
  6. Neirai the Forgiven

    Nerds Are Religious People

    This video is a friend of mine talking about Nerds and Art. The editing is a bit bad and it's long, but I think it's worth a listen/watch.
  7. Neirai the Forgiven

    CWP2013: A lengthy apology, explanation, and reboot.

    Heh, seems I've let this thing get off of the rails. Or rather, I've let my ego crush it into nothingness. For that I'm truly sorry. I have this problem with compulsively seeking for my own glory. God is curing me, but it's a stubborn illness. Every time I try to do a really great project...
  8. Neirai the Forgiven

    Domino Sluff (NNF) Rules

    Supplies: You need a set of dominoes that goes up to 6 (including blanks) and a deck of standard playing cards (no Jokers.) Setup: Each player starts the game with 3 dominoes (concealed so that only the player can know what numbers they are) and a hand of 5 cards (ditto.) Gameplay: Players...
  9. Neirai the Forgiven

    My RAM is cooked

    So, after repeatedly d/cing during the guild bounty run, I did a memtest+ scan and found out that it's more surprising that I can actually run the game at all. My RAM is pretty much dead... hundreds of errors per second, even on the easiest strings.
  10. Neirai the Forgiven

    4th Edition D&D Homebrew class: the Jester

    Here's a project I've been working on all year. You can use it, but I'd love feedback on balance, fun, etc. I have a version with better formatting if you want it. Jester (Bard) "You use a mixture of unstoppable movements and quick blades to keep your enemies in check, mixing in...
  11. Neirai the Forgiven

    CWP2013: How it's going forward (read this!)

    Alright, it's plain to me (based on good advice from you all) that we won't really be able to make a good comic story without a plan. I believe that we will need to do group TeamSpeak sessions. We need to get together on a regular basis to talk about this. I think once every 2 weeks should be...
  12. Neirai the Forgiven

    Comic Design Training Tidbits, or, The Goal of CWP2013

    After a (lengthy and fun) conversation with Kendrik, I figured I should point this out. My goal, the goal for the entire Creative Writing forum, is to train and equip you to, as a Christian, produce great pop art. Again, The Creative Writing Forum at CGA seeks to be a medium for...
  13. Neirai the Forgiven

    CWP2013: On intentionality in writing

    A couple of thoughts on creating stuff as we move into the design phase in the New Year. One of the things I'm gunning for is intentionality. That's a million-dollar word that means "when you do stuff, it should mean something." When I wrote short fiction in college, I actually had to source my...
  14. Neirai the Forgiven

    CWP2013: Genre poll.

    For those of you who don't speak comic book or manga: * Setting-Driven A Setting-Driven work, such as a High Fantasy (i.e. the Hobbit, Harry Potter, Green Lantern) or a Historical Drama is a work in which the setting plays more of a part than the individual characters. In a Setting-Driven...
  15. Neirai the Forgiven

    Create a comic in 2013 with the CGA's Creative Writing forum.

    Hey, over the course of the next year I want to make an open-ended, harmonious, and collaborative comic story. And I need you. I need you if you love to imagine media. I need you if you can draw comics, or design characters, or write stories. I need you if you love manga, or anime, or...
  16. Neirai the Forgiven

    Creative Writing Project for 2013: Create a framework for a comic.

    I've wanted to do this for a long time now, and I think the time is right. We have a lot of fans of comic books and anime here. I also know we have a few comic artists here. I'd like to do a collaboration of people who love comics and anime coming together to make something new. I'll try to...
  17. Neirai the Forgiven

    Game Design daydreaming: What do you have in your notebooks now?

    This is a thread for those of us with high hopes and aspirations and ideas that we really think could sell. Without going into too many details, tell us what you're hiding back there -- maybe we can give you ideas to polish some of them up.
  18. Neirai the Forgiven

    In a hole in the ground there lived a...

    In a hole in the ground there lived a small, red girl. She wasn't all red, mind you, just her head. The long, stringy stuff that grew on it.
  19. Neirai the Forgiven

    So I applied to TOJ so I can apply to LOE...

    ...more than a week ago, if I recall correctly (It's been crazy, I could be wrong.) In any case, I still haven't heard back on my application. I probably should be more patient, but I'm excited to finally join up with TOJ.
  20. Neirai the Forgiven

    Panda Epicureans: Actual level 90 values for Each stat

    I keep seeing people saying that Epicurean is "the best racial stat" -- but they haven't really run the math, from what I can tell. Here's some numbers with some comparisons. Dodge: Assuming there IS dodge food at level 90, it will give Pandas an additional 450 Dodge Rating. At Level 90...