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  1. Tek7

    Happy Fourth of July!

    Happy Fourth of July, all! I pray that God would strengthen us to respond to the anger and suffering in our country by reflecting Christ's love in our words and our actions. I pray that God would grant us opportunities to point others toward a merciful Lord and redeemer who alone can bear up...
  2. Tek7

    Article: Ambassadors or Culture Warriors?

    @Krissa Lox I read this and thought of you: Source: I hope the article encourages you. I know it's been a rough year.
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    Opt out of Steam beta client to fix TF2 crash on server join

    If your TF2 client is crashing any time you join a server, opt out of the Steam beta client, restart Steam, and try again. You can opt out by right-clicking the Steam icon in your system tray, clicking Settings, and clicking Change in the Beta participation section. Credit goes to reddit user...
  4. Tek7

    Tribe of Judah turns 22 today (May 19, 2021)!

    Can you believe Tribe of Judah was founded 22 years ago today? It feels surreal--especially to me! Though we're playing different games now than we did in 1999, our common faith in Christ and our hobby of gaming still brings us together. I'm truly grateful to be part of a community of gamers...
  5. Tek7

    Christian Gamers Alliance 2021 fundraising

    Good Saturday morning, all! I just finished paying the CGA's yearly expenses from our PayPal account: $105 USD for our hosting, $55 for our XenForo license renewal, and $20 for our XenForo style license renewal for a total of $180 USD in annual expenses. We currently have $132.93 USD in our...
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    Happy Easter!

    He is risen! Luke 24:1-9, ESV
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    Favorite gamepad for PC games?

    I have a Logitech F710 that I use for most PC games and a PS3 controller that I can easily switch between the PS3 and PC for games that make heavy use of the analog sticks. I managed to get the F710 working again after a recent Windows 10 update broke compatibility, but the textured coating on...
  8. Tek7

    Happy New Year 2021!

    Thank the good Lord, we made it.
  9. Tek7

    Best parental control options on Android devices?

    Parents of children with Android devices (tablets or smartphones): What parental controls do you have installed on your child's device and why? @Ember and I are trying to determine which parent controls product or service is the best (in terms of ease of use, feature sets, price, etc.) for the...
  10. Tek7

    Merry Christmas 2020!

    Thank the good Lord we made it! /cheer
  11. Tek7

    Discord service interruption (November 9, 2020)

    Discord servers are experiencing technical issues this morning: Source:
  12. Tek7

    Outbound email working (November 5, 2020)

    I just learned earlier today that some folks on the CGA Discord had not received registration emails when trying to create forum accounts. @Hescominsoon, our hosting provider, understandably does not want to risk getting blacklisted for spam and, as such, has disabled outbound mail for the...
  13. Tek7

    Staying disciplined with daily Bible reading and prayer?

    So I know in my head that reading the Bible and praying daily would be well worth the time and, more importantly, it's what we're commanded to do in Scripture. But it's often very difficult to stay disciplined and easy to find myself at the end of the day and realizing I haven't spent any time...
  14. Tek7

    Scream Fortress XII is live!

    Source: You can
  15. Tek7

    Left 4 Dead 2 game night to celebrate The Last Stand update?

    Would anyone be interested in a Left 4 Dead 2 game night soon to celebrate the release of The Last Stand update?
  16. Tek7

    Tribe of Judah financial accounts status

    Paypal account balance: $2,522.46 USD Most recent transactions: -$16.50 USD (Minecraft server rental), +19.12 USD (monthly donation), +$4.55 USD (monthly donation), +$9.41 (monthly donation), -$21.59 (Team Fortress 2 server rental) Total funds: $2,522.46 USD
  17. Tek7

    What We Believe

    The Christian Gamers Alliance is an interdenominational community, which means that our staff agree on the following doctrine as explained in early church creeds: "We believe in one God, the Father, the Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth, of all that is, seen and unseen. We believe in one...
  18. Tek7

    Looking for help with projects

    ToJ is currently working on multiple projects. Rather than depend entirely on current ToJ staff members or ask people to commit to joining ToJ staff, I thought I'd try out asking people to help with a few projects. Here are the current public projects: Develop membership application and roster...
  19. Tek7

    Forums changelog

    If I archive any forums that you'd like me to reactivate, please post a reply here or contact me directly. Changes (September 25, 2020) Archived Christian Gamers Alliance Shared Forums / Creative Writing Archived Christian Gamers Alliance Shared Forums / Visual Arts & Game Design Archived...
  20. Tek7

    Legacy of Elijah no longer active as of September 2020

    Tribe of Judah's Guild Wars 2 guild, Legacy of Elijah, is no longer active. @Aleron has recommended the guild Chariots of Fire for Christian gamers looking for a Guild Wars 2 guild.