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  1. Kidan

    Upcoming Free Weekend!

    Hey, there's going to be a free-to-play weekend for L4D2 soon
  2. Kidan

    First UbiSoft, now Blizzard

    Well, it's official now, but Blizzard has nearly managed to make it to my list of all future-titles banned. Of course, they do have a bit of time to rectify their unbridled stupidity, but I'm not holding my breath. What am I talking about? Why Blizzard's decision to force an always-on internet...
  3. Kidan

    custom content & l4d-wednesdays

    Since Valve is pushing the custom content (see the blog here: how about we choose 2 Evil Eyes for this upcoming left-4-Wednesday
  4. Kidan

    Oh look, MechWarrior 4

    and it's for free!
  5. Kidan

    The Passing!!!

    Our new content should be heading down to the various steam installs or whatever is needed to procure it. Of note, we're getting more achievements, the new co-op challenge mode, the new uncommon-common infected and of course the new weapons. Then there are the new mutations game modes, and...
  6. Kidan

    TF2 Free This Weekend

    And now for some interesting news....
  7. Kidan

    Gone for a bit

    Hey guys, I'll be without dedicated access from this saturday until next. Be have :)
  8. Kidan

    Gone for a bit

    Hey guys, I'll be without dedicated access from this saturday until next. Be have :)
  9. Kidan

    A Message From Your Friendly Neighborhood Moderator

    Tek has asked that I post a thread commenting on a recently closed/deleted thread in this forum. The thread in question began as a story about committing your life to Jesus. For various reasons, it devolved into the beginnings of an argument. When I noticed the direction the thread was taking...
  10. Kidan

    HCS & His Family

    Hey everyone, let's remember HCS & his family in our prayers.
  11. Kidan

    Logged in...

    I did it. After a hiatus from Guild Wars for over 18 months, I logged in last night. I was unsurprised when I was no longer in the guild, nor was I surprised that my "friends" list was empty. AFter all, there's only so many friends one is allowed to have. Now what did surprise me was that I did...
  12. Kidan

    Kidan Announcement

    Okay folks, for anyone who peruses the Prayer Request forum, they would have seen a prayer request from me, started a few months ago, and updated earlier this month. And if you're not stopping by the Prayer Request forum on occasion, I have to ask why not, you need to be. But that's neither...
  13. Kidan

    A Message From Your Favorite Moderator...

    And yes, I have declared myself YOUR favorite moderator, but that's not my message. My message is that I'll be on vacation starting early tomorrow morning, coming back sometime later... Wed. the 29th at the latest... probably... Be nice to Tek while I'm gone. After all, it's not fair to...
  14. Kidan

    Prayer Request

    Please pray for me and my family. There's the possibility for big changes in my family, and I need God's guidance, peace and the touch of His hand over the next few weeks as I'm dealing with this. Thanks everyone.
  15. Kidan

    My poor GMail

    Okay, here's the deal, I've switched to GMail recently, but I have all those old emails still hiding in my Outlook client... Now, I could forward all those emails onto GMail, but I'd like to have them keep their old timestamps. And I've found a way to accomplish that, but it means I need an...
  16. Kidan

    Kidan runs away

    As anyone who stopped by the CGA General Discussion forum may have seen, I just recently posted a new thread. Since, it also has a bearing on all of the ToJ forums, here are the contents of said thread:
  17. Kidan

    Kidan runs away

    Just a friendly little note, but everyone's favorite moderator (yes, that's me) will be out of town this weekend. I'm leaving first thing tomorrow (Friday 3/2) morning and won't be back until some time on Monday (3/5). Don't expect me actually visiting the website until 3/6 at the earliest...
  18. Kidan

    Sorry Inkelis!

    There was recently a thread where Inkelis was asking if anyone had some free keys available for Diablo 2. The thread was subsequently reported when someone suggested looking for a crack to the game. For whatever reason, I misread Inkelis' post and thought he was asking for a crack to the...
  19. Kidan

    Devona's Tavern - the new Off-topic thread

    The previous off-topic thread got a bit too large - and as such was becoming a drain on system resources. So here's your new social thread. Enjoy!
  20. Kidan

    A message from your lovable Mod

    Just a quick note that I won't be around much. Mrs. Kidan had the baby, so I'm spending most of my time up at the hospital. I should be back on the forums (albeit randomly) starting Saturday. Thanks!